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Indigo Organic Grape Growers 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

- With Anita McPherson

AS the virus spread across New South Wales and into parts of Queensland which hadn’t been affected before it was interestin­g to hear their reactions.

Despite Victorians being well experience­d with lockdowns and restrictio­ns, business owners there appeared shocked they actually had to close their doors and people on the street were put out about not being able to go anywhere.

No doubt the whole of Melbourne collective­ly rolled their eyes.

It seems like most of us don’t really pay much attention to what is happening in another state, let alone learn a lesson from it, and it’s not until it happens to us that it suddenly becomes real.

So as people in Cairns began panic buying, we calmly braced for another lockdown, comforted by the knowledge bottle shops will always stay open.

It was time for more intensive meal preparatio­n and scouring the wine rack to choose a bottle to go with the lasagne.

The Indigo Organic Grape Growers Collective Cabernet Sauvignon was a good choice.

It has a deep, purple red colour and an inviting aroma of blackcurra­nt and berry fruit.

It’s fruit-forward, rich with cherry flavour as well, but not overly weighty and balanced with pleasant savoury, white pepper spice and cedar.

That savoury quality makes if more food-friendly and it matches well with hearty meat dishes.

It’s perfectly suited to the rich beefiness of the wine and oregano-infused ragu layered in the lasagne - a dish you would never cook from scratch unless you had time on your hands. About $17.*

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