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G’DAY folks it’s great to be back writing my weekly fishing column after my winter hiatus.

As we head into spring I am faced with a few challenges, the biggest being lockdowns! What do I write about? What can and can’t we do? When we will be allowed to travel again?

At the time of writing, we’re still in lockdown awaiting an announceme­nt as to whether it will be extended beyond September 2.

I am predicting that it will be extended, so will focus this report on what the current rules and regulation­s allow us to do.

At the moment, under our current Victorian lockdown arrangemen­ts, we are indeed allowed to go fishing.

Fishing is classed as passive exercise, and is currently permitted under strict rules.

We must fish within 5km of home and can fish up to a maximum of two hours per day.

Also, we can fish with one other person provided we meet them there and we both wear a mask, and maintain our 1.5m distance.

If the lockdown is extended as I assume it will be, I will miss trout opening - scheduled for this weekend - for the second year in a row.

I am OK with that, happy to sit it out and let the locals that live within 5km of a trout stream enjoy having the waterways all to themselves.

I am just thankful that living in Wangaratta I have access to the Ovens and King rivers where I have already been catching a few carp, crayfish and even a yellowbell­y during the lockdown.

Murray cod are off limits from September 1 for three months during the closed season.

Last Thursday I caught a yellowbell­y and a couple of carp in the Ovens River in Wangaratta on a bunch of worms.

With warm weather in the forecast, the fishing may even get better next week.

Hopefully by next week I will have a clearer understand­ing of what is happening with the lockdown rules moving forward.

Stay safe everyone and do the right thing and hopefully we can all travel to our favourite fishing spots again really soon.

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 ??  ?? CATCH CLOSE TO HOME: Ovens River yellowbell­y caught in Wangaratta last week on a bunch of worms.
CATCH CLOSE TO HOME: Ovens River yellowbell­y caught in Wangaratta last week on a bunch of worms.

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