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Giving our kids the best start and keeping them healthy

- with Naturopath Belinda McPherson NORTH EAST NATURAL HEALTH CENTRE

AS a whole, our kids are getting sicker and sicker.

The scale for what is “normal” is shifting.

We are seeing it as “normal” for our kids to have out of control eczema, obesity and its sequelae, Autoimmune conditions, behaviour difficulti­es etc.

Can I challenge your thinking for a moment?

These conditions are not normal. They are becoming common in our community but they are not a normal function of a healthy human.

What are we doing as a society to our offspring that may be contributi­ng to these issues?

Our children are often exposed very early on to food that is not actually food but numbers.

It begins in-utero, with parents who don’t complete preconcept­ion, or are caught off guard with their pregnancy.

Does this mean all is lost and you are a terrible parent? Hell no!

It just means we have some work to do during your pregnancy to ensure that your baby is receiving all the key nutrients that they require to grow and develop in an optimal way.

Often infants are offered Farax, package foods, baby rusks/crackers etc as first foods when simple foods like avocado, trimmed meat on a bone, vegetables and pureed fruit offer nutrients that are needed for developmen­t, growth and brain function.

No packets or numbers required. Managing your sugars, iron and Vitamin D just to name a few during pregnancy to ensure they are optimal, not just borderline, is crucial to a successful pregnancy, labour, breastfeed­ing and recovery post-partum time.

This is where we excel in pregnancy and family care offering evidence-based care with the traditiona­l knowledge that has been handed down through generation­s of herbalists and caregivers.

So if you are pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant or you are having difficulti­es with conception then we would love to meet you and help you start/continue your family today.

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