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- With Mark from Edgars Books and News Wangaratta

GABRIELLE Chan has worked at The Daily Telegraph, The Australian and ABC Radio before marrying a sheep and wheat farmer in 1996.

Her new book is a brilliant companion piece to Rusted Off which was published in 2018.

The answer to the book’s title is simple: ‘because you eat’ or ‘because you wear clothing’.

Most of us have little idea of the connection between farming and our everyday lives.

To the city child who thinks milk comes in a carton to the urbanised country dweller who worries about a half strength soy latte or whether plant based meat is meat (hint-NO) this book will give an excellent background to challenges facing farmers today and in the future.

Australia has a water policy subject to state control rather than national control and decisions on soil, water, natural disasters and agricultur­e are made in a current political climate rather than a long term benefit context for all Australian­s.

Gabrielle’s book covers everything from history, risk, farming culture, families, water, natural balance and more in a readable but well researched style that will make you contemplat­e where we are going as a country that sees itself as a food bowl for the world.

Gabrielle summarises the now, however also lays out a path forward for our farmers, our nation and importantl­y our politician­s or leaders.

A compelling read that will change your view on farming and eating.

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