Ovens & Murray Advertiser - North East Regional Extra

This Day in History, 1891


TWO American Indians, Eagle Elk and American Bear, had been brought to Australia by Wirth’s Circus, and on this day the circus pitched its tent and performed for Benalla audiences.

After the evening performanc­e, Benalla bedded down for the night. Mr Edward Griffiths, a farmer who lived on the outskirts of town, heard a noise in his chicken shed in the early hours of the following morning. On investigat­ing, he found an intruder stalking his chooks.

The would-be thief sprinted down the road with Mr Griffiths, who was no slow coach, in pursuit. His surprise on capturing a barefoot Indian can be imagined. It was Eagle Elk. He was locked up for being on premises without lawful excuse.

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