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Campbells of Rutherglen

- Rutherglen Topaque with Anita McPherson

ONE of the most frustratin­g aspects about social media lately is some people’s willingnes­s to believe everything they see or hear and then share it around with others like it was fact.

It has given every Tom, Dick and Harriet a platform to voice their opinion on subjects they know little or nothing about and to pass on stories they have heard in a form of electronic Chinese Whispers.

Call me crazy, but I reckon it’s wiser to ask the opinion of doctors about health care and scientists about science and stick to seeking advice from your friends on where to go and what to wear.

I’m also happy to give advice to friends if they ask about what they should drink because I do a lot of it and I tend to know their taste and what they are going to like.

For one with a passion for fortifieds, it’s Campbells of Rutherglen Topaque.

This beautiful drop which is five years old has lovely amber colour and a heady aroma which is rich with caramel honeyed fruitiness

While sweet with toffee and berry, it still has a fresh and light quality, making it really interestin­g and complex and worth taking time over, before noticing the resonant oak at the finish.

It’s a delight for those who like a little sweetness and complexity without it being syrupy.

With a bit of cheese or chocolate it’s a cruisy way to end the day.

And having celebrated 150 years of family winemaking last year, I’m pretty confident Campbells know what they’re doing. About $22.

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