The Mon­u­ment that Stands by the Way - Don Knee­bone

Wangaratta Chronicle - - 2018 Year In Review -

There was lit­tle snow, the rivers ran low Al­ready many dams had run dry The cat­tle and sheep too rest­less to sleep And the lo­custs had be­gun to fly

Yes, well I re­mem­ber the twenty sec­ond of De­cem­ber In nine­teen forty three The mer­cury soared and the north wind roared Till the branches broke out of the trees

Then came a mes­sage A fire had bro­ken out It was down about Lon­dri­gan Oh! What a ter­ri­ble day

It raced through grass­lands And through the stand­ing crop With flames leap­ing me­tres high Some­thing no man could ever stop

And it was then, a hand­ful of men Ran clean out of luck And they tried to turn for fear they’d burn And stalled the bloody truck

I heard the men call I heard their screams For I was there and saw them all It still haunts me in my dreams

I speak of the fire at Tar­rawingee And the mon­u­ment that stands by the way That marks the spot where many gal­lant men Gave up their lives that day

United they stood and did what they could With knap­sacks, beaters and rake But the flames leapt higher from a wind-swept fire Till they fell and burned for Lord’s sake

It’s left a scar that will never heal In the minds of many folk No mat­ter how hard they try to con­ceal It will show at the first sign of smoke

And that’s why we’ve got fire brigades And chaps that are ready to go At the first sign of smoke It’s never treated as a joke Or when­ever the siren should blow.

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