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READ­ERS re­sponded to news that the Parks and Wildlife Ser­vice con­firmed it had used a firearm to put down a bird it be­lieved was re­spon­si­ble for at­tacked a one-year-old boy at White­man Park. Join the Face­book con­ver­sa­tion @Wan­nerooJoon­dalupTimes.

Did they do a DNA test to make sure it was the right bird be­fore they gave it the death penalty? - TRACY ASTONE Why hasn't this been done al­ready? Sta­tis­tics show how danger­ous they are. - EMMA JANE What will hap­pen to the the poor bird’s young? mag­pies only swoop for a few weeks a year. We should be made aware of this and use signs to warn peo­ple of the hazard. - TOPSY MANN

Id­i­otic. They are only pro­tect­ing their ba­bies and it's only for a short time. If peo­ple don't want their kids get­ting swooped, keep them away from parks un­til the nest­ing is fin­ished. So sad. - ME­LANIE HOB­SON What­ever hap­pened to the ex­pla­na­tion of it be­ing just an un­for­tu­nate ac­ci­dent? It's the same with plovers in our area. They've got chicks; sen­si­ble thing to do is give them their space un­til they move on. If you know they're there then don't go there. - DEB­O­RAH RHODE

Can we put down the kids that throw rocks and sticks at them too? - CHRIS BAR­NETT Does some­one pick the mag­pie out of a line-up? - CHETAN JINA I'd shoot the bug­ger my­self if it did this to my child. - HAYLEY CLAIRE POMEROY I think mag­pies are ter­ri­to­rial and it would have been only the one pair in that par­tic­u­lar tree where the kids were at­tacked. - CLAU­DIA KLAASSEN Shame it in­jured the kid, but it was pro­tect­ing its ba­bies... that's what they do. At my lo­cal park there used to be kids that would tor­ments the mag­pies and throw sticks so they did swoop a lot but now those kids are gone they are pretty placid. - JANE J SELLS

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