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Rethink fires


ONE of the items we should re-evaluate is backburnin­g, an annual event.

On April 28 we had a very bad day. All 2.5 million of us. No sunshine, though it was a beautiful fall day.

What kind of a sadist did this to us? What does such a day mean for people with asthma? What does it do to all of us?

It reduces the income from solar in the metro area by $500,000 a day. If we do a class action suit for $500,000, we can sue the State. Shall we?

How many animals are burned to death? Small ones, insects, bobtails — grilled in their skin.

And the smoke settles mainly on the ocean, which increases the acidity and in turn reduces the capability of crustacean­s to develop their shell.

And, after a maximum of three years, the result of the burning cannot be seen any more. Then do it again? And again and again, of course only until all the bush has been eaten up by urbanisati­on.

Yes, the burning is a good chance for the fire brigade to train. But is that a good reason to do such amount of damage with such a temporary result?

Should we not re-think? Ask the First Australian­s, they know — hand weeding, smaller burns. With care and love for the bush and the animals and us. RAINER REPKE, Kallaroo

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