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Job figures contested


ONCE again we have local and State government­s pushing their well-disguised propaganda to have us believe the Ocean Reef Marina developmen­t will create 8600 constructi­on jobs (Councillor’s Column, Times, April 29). Most people reading this would probably conclude this meant employment for 8600 people. Far from it.

To quote the State Government’s own Business Case formally approved by the Government in July 2017:

“It is anticipate­d that ongoing employment of over 900 people (directly and through flow-on effects) will be generated by the developmen­t, with over 200 constructi­on jobs facilitate­d by the project works and rising to 300 jobs per annum, supported over the longer term (10+ years) built-form rollout.”

So, 200-300 constructi­on jobs per year for 10 years. Most likely by the same 200300 people! DON POYNTON, Connolly

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