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On the front page of the Gazette (Dec 18), Coun­cil­lor Goss said, “At first peo­ple won't like the change, we saw that with Palmer­ston St and haven't heard any­thing on that since”.

Well Coun­cil­lor Goss, hear this. War­ragul's CBD is in com­plete sham­bles when it comes to so called im­prove­ment in traf­fic flow and park­ing. Around the cen­tral tri­an­gle, it is a night­mare try­ing to nav­i­gate one’s way around.

The new one-way Palmer­ston Street is a per­fect ex­am­ple of a plan­ning and engi­neer­ing stuff up. To take two lanes of traf­fic and not just make it one way but to re­duce it to one lane is un­be­liev­able. And on top of that, it runs in the wrong di­rec­tion.

To prove my point here, in­stead of try­ing to ease traf­fic con­ges­tion and flow you have done the ex­act opposite. As the ceno­taph road goes anti-clock­wise, any­one try­ing to find a park and wish­ing to drive around the block a num­ber of times, now have to drive down to Cromie Corner round­about and do a com­plete 360. They must come up Vic­to­ria St and try again or drive through Safe­way carpark.

So now you have a sit­u­a­tion at the three round­abouts in ques­tion that ev­ery­one wish­ing to pro­ceed through and drive around in cir­cles has to stay on two of them for a 75 per cent cir­cuit and one a 100 per cent cir­cuit. Whereas, if Palmer­ston St went anti-clock­wise, ev­ery car go­ing around would not only be en­ter­ing the round­about for only 25 per cent of its length, they would not have to go near Cromie Corner, hence less cars at in­ter­sec­tions and bet­ter flow.

The num­ber of times Palmer­ston St is at a stand­still be­cause some­one is back­ing out and the car be­hind waits and the whole round­about at “Frankie’s” is at grid­lock.

Palmer­ston St has ex­ces­sive wasted side­walk space at the ex­pense of los­ing a lane of traf­fic.

Last month I was in­volved in a near miss col­li­sion while try­ing to re­verse out. I was watch­ing for cars com­ing up be­hind me as well as for pedes­tri­ans.

Two-thirds of the way out there was a con­tin­u­ous honk­ing of horns to alert me and a car on the opposite side, also try­ing to re­verse out, from rear end­ing each other. We missed by cen­time­tres.

Then just the next week l sat and watched two cars al­most col­lid­ing in the same process.

The round­abouts should have been de­signed to al­low for two lanes of traf­fic to re­duce the num­ber of grid­lock sit­u­a­tions.

War­ragul is a fast grow­ing town go­ing back­wards in its for­ward think­ing, and it is no won­der peo­ple chose to shop out of town. Those busi­nesses that have re­lo­cated to the old Hast­ings site on Burke St must be rub­bing their palms with dol­lar signs, with stress-free park­ing, free­way ac­cess and a quaint lit­tle Cof­fee Pod to sit and re­lax and watch those frus­trated mo­torists zoom­ing past to try their luck in the jun­gle just 500 me­tres ahead.

Maybe the coun­cil should em­ploy a farmer to sit in on all traf­fic flow is­sues within the town­ship. At least they have the ex­pe­ri­ence and ex­per­tise in de­sign­ing traf­fic flow in and out of cow yards, and laneways to min­imise through­put hold ups of their 100 to 1000 cow herds. Be­cause some days sit­ting at any of the cof­fee shops in town sip­ping on a hot cho­co­late, it is like watch­ing the Prover­bial Browns cows go­ing round and round.

And, a com­ment on the Christies Rd al­ter­ation. I at­tended the site in ques­tion to see for my­self what all the fuss was about and now l see why those users of Christies Rd have com­plained, and rightly so.

All those who voted in favour of in­ter­rupt­ing the traf­fic flow of that road in favour of a residential sub­di­vi­sion, ham­per­ing the move­ment of large ve­hi­cles us­ing the said road, should re­sign from their po­si­tion on coun­cil.

Re­turn­ing now to the quote from Coun­cil­lor Goss that we “haven't heard any­thing on that since”. Well, Coun­cil­lor Goss you heard plenty of replies against the Christies Rd al­ter­ation. You even had an­other op­tion from a past en­gi­neer which you chose to ig­nore, in­stead stick­ing with your orig­i­nal plans.

That is why the res­i­dents do not or may not re­spond to coun­cil’s de­ci­sions be­cause you don't lis­ten. How many of you have traf­fic flow and/or engi­neer­ing qual­i­fi­ca­tions? But, here you are telling War­ragul's 15,000 res­i­dents what is best for them.

Bruce Pratt, War­ragul South

Cured or en­dured?

Information for Baw Baw Shire coun­cil­lor Danny Goss. Just be­cause you haven’t heard any­thing on Palmer­ston Street since it was com­pleted, does not mean peo­ple like it.

There is no point in bang­ing your head against a brick wall. All you get is a headache.

At the very least it should have been de­signed so you go north in Smith Street, west in Palmer­ston Street and south in Vic­to­ria Street. Pre­sum­ably the com­puter has worked out that the other di­rec­tion is bet­ter, but I’m sure I can’t see it.

What can’t be cured must be en­dured, and we are en­dur­ing Palmer­ston Street. Pre­sum­ably we will en­dure Smith Street too.

Kath Trew­ern, War­ragul


Can peo­ple please re­frain from jay walk­ing across Smith Street.

How many ex­tra cross­ings do you need? There is only six me­tres be­tween the cross­ings, surely you can walk that far to use the cross­ings safely.

With school hol­i­days upon us, please take the ef­fort to fol­low road rules to keep our chil­dren safe by show­ing them cor­rectly.

Lyn­den Dempsey, Shady Creek

AEC is cor­rect

Sorry Greg Tuck (Gaz, Dec 24), the Aus­tralian Elec­toral Com­mis­sion is cor­rect.

You mis­un­der­stand how a democ­racy works. The ma­jor­ity of peo­ple un­der our elec­toral sys­tem in this elec­torate chose Rus­sell Broad­bent to be their rep­re­sen­ta­tive in par­lia­ment. As a re­sult, he be­came the rep­re­sen­ta­tive for “all” peo­ple in the elec­torate re­gard­less of their opin­ions.

Like all the rest of us, he rep­re­sents you even if he does not rep­re­sent your val­ues.

Be­ing in the mi­nor­ity in this elec­torate, you should ac­cept what the ma­jor­ity has agreed are good poli­cies or try to per­suade Mr Broad­bent to have them changed and hope that a fu­ture vote will be more in line with your opin­ions.

There will al­ways be dif­fer­ences of opin­ion be­tween con­stituents and their rep­re­sen­ta­tives, even amongst those who voted for them. The beauty of our demo­cratic sys­tem is that we are free to ex­press our opin­ions and, for the most part, the views of the ma­jor­ity pre­vail.

If your views are at odds with the ma­jor­ity and your rep­re­sen­ta­tive, ei­ther they are faulty or they have not been ad­e­quately pro­moted.

Bruce Bow­er­ing, Drouin West


Oh dear, my jovial quip seems to have up­set Neil O’Sul­li­van from Al­lam­bee Re­serve (Gaz, 18/12).

He asks me to an­swer the ques­tion of his two sons at Yar­ragon Pri­mary School, “what is go­ing to hap­pen to us in the fu­ture”? That’s not too dif­fi­cult a ques­tion. Given that Mr O’Sul­li­van is not ques­tion­ing the ve­rac­ity or im­par­tial­ity of so-called news on main stream me­dia and seems happy for his off­spring to ac­cept with­out ques­tion ev­ery­thing teach­ers say, then the an­swer is his chil­dren will con­tinue to be brain­washed by peo­ple with a bi­ased view­point pur­su­ing a par­tic­u­lar agenda. Re­mem­ber that 1970s Paul Si­mon song? “When I think back to all the crap I learned at high school; it’s a won­der I can think at all”. Well things have got a lot worse since then. Matthew Lav­er­ack, War­ragul

Qual­i­fied views

Roger Marks is en­ti­tled to his views on cli­mate change (“Not Go­ing to Hap­pen”, Gaz 24/12), but is overly op­ti­mistic in hop­ing to con­vince Gazette read­ers.

Roger’s long his­tory of cor­re­spon­dence to The Gazette is punc­tu­ated with cred­i­bil­ity fail­ures, from as­sur­ing us that weapons of mass de­struc­tion would be found in Iraq to that the move to­wards le­galised same-sex mar­riage would cer­tainly fail.

To claim that pro­po­nents of the im­pend­ing po­ten­tially dis­as­trous con­se­quences of cli­mate change “have no ev­i­dence for any­thing they say”, whilst pre­sent­ing no ev­i­dence him­self, makes it clear why a rea­son­able dis­cus­sion with Roger is an im­pos­si­ble task. Fur­ther­more, to ac­cuse those who dis­agree of be­ing “a pseudo re­li­gion” and only “in it for the money” rep­re­sents

A big bou­quet of flow­ers to ev­ery­one who knows that Christ­mas isn’t about ma­te­ri­al­is­tic dec­o­ra­tions in our towns.

Thank you to those who dec­o­rate our streets with friendly smiles, kind words, say­ing please and thank you, pa­tience while driv­ing, con­sid­er­a­tion of busy re­tail staff and of­fer­ing a help­ing hand to the el­derly who some­times strug­gle with heavy shop­ping trol­leys.

Make ev­ery day Christ­mas in our lovely towns.

Bricks to Baw Baw Shire. What a com­plete bot­tle­neck the one-way traf­fic is in Palmer­ston St, War­ragul. This has caused a bot­tle­neck in Vic­to­ria and Smith streets as well. Ridicu­lous. the typ­i­cally and con­sis­tently ou­tra­geous Mr Marks.

I, along with the vast ma­jor­ity of the general pub­lic, would pre­fer to heed the qual­i­fied views of the vast ma­jor­ity of the world's cli­mate sci­en­tists than those of Roger Marks.

John Duck, Trafal­gar

Best belly laugh

I must thank Cr Danny Goss for giv­ing me the best belly laugh for 2018 with his com­men­tary on the Palmer­ston Street works (Gaz, 18/12).

Apart from not be­ing able to see any ben­e­fit for the cost of those works, the coun­cil­lor must have his ear plugs in and blink­ers on since its com­ple­tion. Could some­one please point out the ben­e­fit of this project?

An ob­vi­ous re­sult is how dan­ger­ous round­abouts at ei­ther end of Smith Street are due to the num­ber of ve­hi­cles now do­ing U-turns to try and find park­ing spots or nav­i­gate the clo­sure of through traf­fic.

The round­abouts ei­ther end of Palmer­ston Street are reg­u­larly grid­locked as drivers pre­car­i­ously nav­i­gate the nar­row road­way that al­lows min­i­mal vi­sion to those re­vers­ing from parked spots; or wait for traf­fic to move due to re­duced traf­fic flow.

And then, to con­sider go­ing ahead with mak­ing part of Smith Street one way!! Is its coun­cil’s in­tent to drive peo­ple “out” of War­ragul CBD!

Maybe be­fore com­mit­ting ratepayer funds to an­other project that will fur­ther re­duce traf­fic flow, why do you not look to do­ing a trial for three to six months where no streetscape works are com­menced un­til the traf­fic im­pact can be ex­am­ined.

With the lack of town plan­ning, my sug­ges­tion is that if you get to a round­about on Smith Street and need to do a U-turn, you would be bet­ter of turn­ing left or right and head­ing to the next town.

He­len Case, Drouin Se­ri­ous bricks to Baw Baw Shire with nu­mer­ous park­ing in­spec­tors walk­ing around Christ­mas Eve. Is the shire re­ally try­ing to kill the small busi­nesses? Again, I hear peo­ple say let’s leave, can't re­mem­ber how long I've been here, don’t want a fine.

A big bou­quet to Andy who has bought so much joy to res­i­dents and vis­i­tors to Peace Av­enue, War­ragul for many decades now.

It is a plea­sure to see the look of sheer won­der­ment on the lit­tle ones faces when they see the il­lu­mi­nated Christ­mas dis­play and Santa.

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