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Once again Drouin town­ship has been for­got­ten over the Christ­mas pe­riod.

Very lit­tle ef­fort if any has been put in by Baw Baw Shire to tidy up Drouin’s parks and gar­dens be­fore the Christ­mas break.

What would vis­i­tors think when they drive into Drouin from Mel­bourne and see me­tre high weeds and un­mown lawns?

Get off the main road and some parks have had no at­ten­tion for months.

In Bal­moral Cres that has had no ef­fort for months one ratepayer has pulled out the me­tre high this­tles him­self in front of his prop­erty. Note; still some left for coun­cil.

C’mon Baw Baw Shire. Drouin has ratepay­ers also. Jeff Smythe, Drouin West

John Gom­mans and his fam­ily have raised goats and live­stock both in New Zealand and Aus­tralia for sev­eral gen­er­a­tions. Valu­able live­stock were put at risk by the al­leged ac­tions of these ac­tivists.

If there is an in­fec­tious dis­ease such as CAE or Cheesy Gland, farm­ers of­ten iso­late new an­i­mals in quar­an­tine to en­sure they do not in­tro­duce dis­eased an­i­mals into their herd. Any an­i­mals re­moved from such a herd with­out such quar­an­tine knowl­edge could po­ten­tially in­fect clean an­i­mals.

Farm­ers are hav­ing a hard enough time with­out ha­rass­ment by an­i­mal ac­tivism across the state.

Po­lice have charged three of­fend­ers and some of the an­i­mals have been re­cov­ered.

The ac­tivists al­legedly told staff on the day they wanted to “lib­er­ate” the an­i­mals. But what lib­er­a­tion is it when the re­cov­ered milk­ing goat is no longer in milk and has lost weight. Two kids have lost their mother who was feed­ing them.

I hope the doe does not de­velop mas­ti­tis be­cause that is of­ten what hap­pens when a doe’s kids are sud­denly weaned.

Ilana Leeds, Drouin East

The coun­cil has spent mil­lions of dol­lars on the arts cen­tre. Just have a look from the Civic Place up where the new and the old parts meet, there ap­pears to be bricks miss­ing.

In ad­di­tion, the gut­ters are over­grown with weeds, there is no money for main­te­nance but we have plenty of money again to botch up Smith St.

What­ever you cit­i­zens of War­ragul do at the next coun­cil elec­tion: vote all of them out next time, they do not lis­ten to the peo­ple. Vote only for peo­ple who are pre­pared to lis­ten to their elec­torate. Paul Kaech, War­ragul

A so­ci­ety where no-one should be de­nied an ed­u­ca­tion based on their so­cial stand­ing, gen­der or re­li­gious be­liefs.

In our cur­rent so­ci­ety, those that con­trib­ute the most are not of­ten val­ued the most, but many of these are re­mu­ner­ated the least.

Nurses, emer­gency ser­vice work­ers, teach­ers and the like are es­sen­tial to mak­ing a so­ci­ety work but plau­dits and wealth flows in­stead to celebri­ties, sports peo­ple and mu­sic and movie stars who have be­come the role mod­els and as­pi­ra­tional tar­gets of the young.

A mem­ber of a gov­ern­ment is there to rep­re­sent ev­ery­one and this in­cludes the so-called ‘voice­less’.

These peo­ple are known as the voice­less, not be­cause they have noth­ing to say, but sim­ply they do not have a place in the pub­lic fo­rums and as a con­se­quence gen­er­ally aren’t lis­tened to.

I be­lieve in lis­ten­ing to ar­gu­ments from peo­ple of all per­sua­sions be­fore mak­ing up my mind. I can­not ar­gue for some­thing that I know to be wrong be­cause that weak­ens me as an in­di­vid­ual.

My opin­ion is not for sale. It can­not be bought for any in­duce­ments. Ar­gue log­i­cally, with all the facts on the ta­ble and I can be per­suaded. Bully me or psy­cho­log­i­cally play me and you will pos­si­bly only en­trench my views.

A rep­re­sen­ta­tive in any form of gov­ern­ment needs to rep­re­sent the views of his/her con­stituents, all of them, not just the loud­est ones, nor the ones who agree with the rep­re­sen­ta­tive.

A democ­racy is made up of peo­ple, not statis­tics. Eco­nomic man­age­ment should not be the driv­ing force of one. Pro­gres­sive im­prove­ment of a so­ci­ety is the ob­jec­tive.

The el­e­ments of trust, com­pas­sion, se­cu­rity and equal­ity carry far more weight.

I be­lieve in a hu­mane so­ci­ety where ev­ery­one’s health and wel­fare is im­por­tant.

Money, or the lack of it, should not de­ter­mine the re­ceipt of aid and com­fort.”

That per­son will never be pre-se­lected for a party in a winnable seat. That per­son will in all prob­a­bil­ity never stand for elec­tion as his/her views are so vastly dif­fer­ent from the prac­tices of our cur­rent crop of politi­cians, and so will not waste his/her time beat­ing a head against a brick wall.

Fur­ther­more, that per­son won’t be be­lieved by the gen­eral pub­lic, such is the con­tempt that is felt for politi­cians, be­cause our politi­cians think that it is okay to say one thing to get elected and then do the op­po­site once a seat has been gained. Greg Tuck, War­ragul Bricks to all the dog walk­ers that don’t pick up their “busi­ness” on the path along Bona Vista Rd be­tween Rule­mount Rd and Ca­son Cres. The least you can do is put on the grass. Many bricks to the per­son who stole the baby Je­sus doll and the lamb from our Christ­mas Na­tiv­ity Scene in Drouin. We try to bring joy to peo­ple with this dis­play, and we have those who want to spoil it

All sub­mis­sions must in­clude a full name and ad­dress and day­time con­tact num­ber, how­ever, con­trib­u­tors will not be iden­ti­fied in print. Please send your sub­mis­sions to ed­i­to­[email protected]­rag­ul­ or use our web­site or our mo­bile phone: 0458 923 429.

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