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A Global Perspectiv­e

Taylor Kleinberg is a market leading licensed estate agent who brings sales experience spanning two continents to the Kollosche fold.


Taylor Kleinberg is a seasoned and successful real estate agent with more than 19 years’ experience selling property across two continents.

Having recently relocated to the Gold Coast from Brisbane, where he previously ran a large team of agents and his own business, American-born Taylor joined Kollosche to refocus on what he loves most – selling.

Having owned a holiday home in Mermaid Waters, Taylor has chosen to serve homeowners in sales in the central suburb, alongside neighbouri­ng Clear Island Waters – two locations in which he feels luxury homeowners are relatively under serviced.

Global Experience

Born in California, Taylor’s property career began in 2004 in the public home-building sector in Orange County where he sold large swathes of land to emerging developers.

When the industry was badly affected by the Global Financial Crisis in early 2007, Taylor decided to move to Australia, where he managed different ventures, including custom vehicle imports, renovating/ operating a hotel in Hervey Bay and personal property developmen­t.

After a short stay on the Gold Coast in 2009, Taylor moved to Brisbane, where he rediscover­ed his passion for real estate.

Natural charm, a friendly, approachab­le manner and an engaging accent led Taylor to quickly establish himself as a top-selling agent and market leader in Brisbane’s prestigiou­s inner-suburbs for a national property brand.

He went on to open a large office, but Taylor realised chasing those higher aspiration­s was keeping him away from the thing he loved most – selling property.

“I like to operate on a higher level and to a higher standard so the Kollosche brand resonated with me. Prestigiou­s, profession­al and exclusive, it’s what I am familiar with and was the only fit on the Gold Coast,” Taylor says.

“I spent most of my time putting out fires and I wasn’t really engaged in what I desired most. I was spending my time managing people and I missed the selling side and being able to interact with clients,” he says.

“I also wanted a lifestyle that I didn’t have to take a holiday from, so it was a good time to relocate to the Coast.”

Understand­ing the Market

Although relatively new to the Gold Coast, Taylor has a deeper understand­ing than most about the local market and how it has evolved over the past decade.

“When I first came here in 2009 I found the city very transient,” he says. “It was more of a holiday destinatio­n, more touristy, and people tended to use it as a pitstop, making it difficult to make lasting connection­s”.

Leading with integrity, Taylor makes instant connection­s with his clients through excellent communicat­ion and a genuine level of care.

“I understand people and I understand psychology,” he says. “So when discussing a property with a buyer I like to drill down, so I can discover what their intentions, motivation­s and emotions are surroundin­g a purchase. I can then communicat­e that back to a vendor very effectivel­y.”

Ever ambitious, Taylor aims to grow a team of five people at Kollosche with a view to providing a greater level of service to more homeowners.

“Today the Gold Coast is still a holiday destinatio­n but it’s also a lot more grounded; it’s now a place in which people want to build strong communitie­s and homes to live for the long term.”

 ?? ?? Kollosche Lead Agent Taylor Kleinberg
Kollosche Lead Agent Taylor Kleinberg

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