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All roads lead to India for GRT


YATALA- BASED instant highway company Global Road Technology is expanding its presence in Asia, commission­ing new headquarte­rs in India.

The new factory is preparing to handle increased contracts on the subcontine­nt, forecastin­g more than $300 million in projects in India over the next three years.

GRT plans to roll out its patented liquid polymers and Cold In-Place recycling technology to create “instant roads” in some of the country’s most populated regions.

GRT India CEO Ben James said the company had developed a 2000sq m site in Pune, east of Mumbai, with an additional 900sq m of office space and laboratori­es as it builds its local team to more than 30 employees in the next month.

“We have made a significan­t investment in our local partnershi­p to build rural roads, major district roads, expressway­s and highways in the region, including $7.6 million in heavy machinery and plant,” Mr James said.

“Our new flagship factory and headquarte­rs is a logical step as it allows us to expand our laboratory facilities, manufactur­e our industryle­ading stabilisat­ion polymers on site, and provides a base for expansion into India and other regions.”

GRT technology allows the delivery of more cost-effective roads much faster than convention­al methods.

The facility will allow batching of up to 250,000 litres of polymers a week, to be shipped across the country.

“Our technology allows us to construct a kilometre of expressway within 24 hours, cutting 75 per cent off standard constructi­on times and significan­t savings in costs.

“We have the current resources in place to deliver more than 200km of road a year in India and we are scaling up those capabiliti­es to triple output over the next three years,” Mr James said.

“We have more than $75 million in projects in hand … and, based on the feedback on our work delivered to date, including a $3 million dollar project near Keshkal, Chhattisga­rh, we believe our target of $300 million over the next three years is well within reach.”

 ??  ?? From left, Global Road Technology India CEO Ben James with senior executives A.K. Verma and Prashant Kalantri.
From left, Global Road Technology India CEO Ben James with senior executives A.K. Verma and Prashant Kalantri.

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