Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin : 2018-12-08

RACING : 54 : 54


54 RACING GOLDCOASTBULLETIN.COM.AU SATURDAY DECEMBER 8 2018 SUBSCRIPTIONS 1300 726 161 ALBION PARK E/QUADRELLA QUADRELLA DAILY DOUBLE EXTRA DOUBLE TREBLE FIXED ODDS CODE: MULTIPLES 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6, 7, 8 4, 5 6, 7 3, 4, 5 All Races BT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 BATTLE BORN SOMEMONDOSOMEWHERE SMOOTH SHOWGIRL SLICE OF HEAVEN COLT THIRTY ONE ARNOLD DARK ENERGY ROCKNROLL EMMA CONCENTRATION PATERNITY SUIT Chris Barsby Somepartysomewhere Lilac Flash Bodhi Tree The Golden Cross Lifeonthebeach Thats How Weroll Eleniark Our Millwood Maizie Sweet As Secret Jack Fioki Bryce Cooper Tygar Beau Cishlom Everything Avonnova Aztec Bromac Alleluia Redriverdebba Stoned Again Justabitcoco Feel The Charm Argyle Beach Shards Halo Caesars Astrum Weasel Bronze Ecstasy The Democrat Hosier Lane Squire BATTLE BORN SOMEMONDOSOMEWHERE FEELINGFORAMIRACLE TYGAR COLT THIRTY ONE JACK FARTHING LILAC FLASH SHARDS HALO ELENIARK REDRIVERDEBBA Darren Clayton Somepartysomewhere Bodhi Tree Dark Energy The Golden Cross Prince Of Zanzibar Riverleigh Jeff Caesars Astrum Wee Jimmy Weasel Secret Jack Fioki Mafuta Vautin Slice Of Heaven Franco Totem Everything Mach Alert Ohoka Punter Watch Pulp Fiction The Democrat Paternity Suit Mister Hart Argyle Beach Kotare Kasai Just Rokin Smooth Showgirl Annika Magic Our Millwood Maizie Stoned Again Miss Invasion Arnold 1 4 Pace 5.42 Hurrikane Kingcole @ Egmont Park Stud 7.10 Pryde’s Easifeed Aspirational Pace 8.40 QUAD EQ EQ $12,970. Mares C2 Or Better PBD Mobile. 1660m $12,970. Band 5 C4 Or Better RBD Mobile. 1660m $10,960. C1 To C2 PBD/$L3 Mobile. 2138m NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW FEEL THE CHARM DIAMONDSFROMHEAVEN MISS CATALINA JUST ROKIN MAHALO SHARDS HALO OUR AMERICAN PRINCESS 7.00 26.00 34.00 8.00 13.00 5.00 5.00 G W Dixon D T Millard L J Weidemann P J Greig P J Greig M J Butler K A Turner G W Dixon A D Millard L J Weidemann N M Dawson T R Moffat B W Barnes R P Morris Fr1 Fr2 Fr3 Fr4 Fr5 Fr6 Fr7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 817081 75S312 384872 111239 11678R 432215 1S5216 BATTLE BORN WHISKEY BLAZE BRYCE COOPER SUBTLE DELIGHT SPIKE BROMAC MAFUTA VAUTIN ROCK WITH SAM *2.80 9.00 17.00 21.00 21.00 11.00 T I Lambourn G W Dixon A P Richardson D E Hancock S J Cini D W Graham M J Butler N M Dawson Fr1 G W Dixon Fr2 R W Maguire (C,cl) Fr3 L T Cain (C) Fr4 T J McMullen (C,cl) Fr5 J C Wallace (C,cl) Fr6 SCRATCHED 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 652838 146738 3S88R4 214247 635983 202336 149350 CAESARS ASTRUM WEASEL CALL ME YOURS ALWAYS AT NIGHT SUBTLE ADVICE FEELINGFORAMIRACLE HE GETS IT 26.00 5.00 21.00 13.00 *3.00 26.00 34.00 R P Hutchinson J F Kerr T M Neaves M J Charlton T D Hancock G J Dawson R J Hinze L T Cain (C) J F Kerr D W Graham S J Doherty M J Elkins (C) K L Dawson N M Dawson Fr1 Fr2 Fr3 Fr4 Fr5 Fr6 Fr7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 755835 798323 665264 899322 349147 18S953 6551S6 — SECOND LINE SECOND LINE SECOND LINE ROCKNROLL EMMA KOTARE KASAI LETHAL STAR VALTONA ARGYLE BEACH *4.80 26.00 21.00 21.00 5.50 G W Dixon S J Cini D W Graham G W Dixon C A Turpin T Dixon N J McMullen D W Graham A M Donohoe H L Barnes Sr1 Sr2 Sr3 Sr4 Sr5 8 9 10 11 12 605628 953363 326671 510055 122174 SECRET JACK FIOKI LOTS MORE ART FAT PROPHET WITH AUTHORITY 2.90 6.50 17.00 21.00 34.00 C J Monte G W Dixon T I Lambourn K A Turner J N McMullen G P Whitaker T Dixon M J Elkins (C) R P Morris N J McMullen Sr1 Sr2 Sr3 Sr4 Sr5 8 9 10 11 12 75111S 764115 189973 553349 875337 WEE JIMMY SHADOW HUNTER CONCENTRATION BRONZE ECSTASY OUR DIAMOND EDITON (ODM) 34.00 12.00 *3.00 6.00 21.00 M A Rees S D Coombs T M Neaves M A Rees D T Millard N J McMullen H L Barnes G P Whitaker D M McMullen A D Millard Sr1 Sr2 Sr3 Sr4 Sr5 8 9 10 11 12 483651 210286 7902R1 7351S6 56S411 SHARDS HALO (6) was knocking on the door for victory and then in a heat of the Young Drivers Series had a perfect trip in the pocket trail and worked home to score. Last start from gate 10 she was tracking home strongly to get within 3m of victory. Back to mares only company she can score. started fav last start and finding 1x1 cover was soon covered in the run and never got a decent crack at them to finish 4th and under 5m from the winner. A Redcliffe winner 3 starts back, if she can secure the right trail home she can arrive for the prize. has placed in 3 of her past 4 starts with the latest a tidy effort when charging home from back in the pack to get within a head of the winner. She has podium claims again. took on a similar race at Redcliffe 3 starts back and from the pocket trail was a 7m 3rd to SOMEROSESOMEWHERE. Back to mares only grade suits and with early speed can feature. BATTLE BORN (1) returns from a Menangle campaign that saw him place in 2 of 4 outings and his most recent outing a luckless run when only beaten 8.5m behind MACH ALERT. 2 starts back over the mile he hit the line strongly when only 3m from MATTGREGOR. He gets every chance here. resumes from a break without the benefit of a trial and should appreciate a cosy run in transit at the return. He closed out his last campaign in strong form when putting together a hat-trick of victories and all when working in the run. He can be coiled and ready to strike. has found form and last start was in search of a hat-trick of wins when striking some trouble in the run after landing gate 12. With a sharp sprint he can drop to the pegs and sizzle home. isn’t too far off another win after another strong run last start. Cutting the breeze throughout he fought hard to the line and although he has a tough gate he has claims. FEELINGFORAMIRACLE (6) will be further tightened from his latest run at Redcliffe when 3rd up from a break. Starting from the 2nd line he was forced to do plenty of work wide out and fought hard to hold on for 3rd. His run 2 back was strong after making an error and with even luck can claim this. slid across from gate 6 here on Tues and after doing some early work found cover before running on to finish mid-field behind MATT BELFORD. From this gate she will get the options and protecting the pegs for the right cover can be running on late. will need a slice of luck from this alley as he looks set to be buried in the run. He found his race last start and worked home well from back in the pack at Redcliffe to score. Just needs some luck here to feature. races at AP for just the 2nd time in almost 2 years and comes into this in nice touch after placings at his past 3 in succession. Working hard in the breeze from gate 5 last start he won’t be too far away here. ARGYLE BEACH (12) SECRET JACK (8) CAESARS ASTRUM (1) KOTARE FIOKI WEE KASAI (9) (9) JIMMY (8) JUST ROKIN (4) MAFUTA VAUTIN (6) WEASEL (2) 5 2 Cooldrive Pace 7.40 QUAD Swift Customs Services Pace 6.13 EQ 8 Mr Feelgood @ Egmont Park Stud Pace 9.07 QUAD $8390. C2 Or Better PBD/$L6 Mobile. 1660m $12,970. Band 4/Band 2 C6 Or Better RBD Mobile. 2138m $12,970. C2 Or Better RBD Mobile. 2138m NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW THE GOLDEN CROSS SOMEMONDOSOMEWHERE CELTIC CRUZA BIG BEAT TED WEST PRINCE OF ZANZIBAR CC JONES 7.00 3.50 26.00 9.00 17.00 17.00 21.00 G W Dixon G W Dixon D J D Smith K M Rasmussen R J Sallis N J McMullen S J Cini T Dixon G W Dixon N M Dawson K M Rasmussen H L Barnes N J McMullen D M McMullen Fr1 Fr2 Fr3 Fr4 Fr5 Fr6 Fr7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 734776 727571 83409S 237672 262655 682538 264255 DARK ENERGY CLARKEY SOMEPARTYSOMEWHERE BODHI TREE WITHALOTOFLUCK MATCH POINT THE SHADY ONE 5.00 5.00 7.00 7.00 21.00 15.00 K A Turner I P Gurney G H Franklin P J Greig S J Cini K M Rasmussen T I Lambourn R P Morris B W Barnes N M Dawson L T Cain (C) N J McMullen D G Weeks SCRATCHED Fr1 Fr2 Fr3 Fr4 Fr5 Fr6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 896318 S64944 13250S 324217 195762 134145 221490 NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW PATERNITY SUIT MISTER HART CONDAFEW TOP FLIGHT CRUIZE SQUIRE MR KALYPSO SPORTS BOUNTY 5.00 6.00 9.00 34.00 *4.00 G W Dixon D W Graham L J Weidemann M A Tenardi K A Turner K M Rasmussen D J Elder G W Dixon Fr1 D W Graham Fr2 S L Weidemann (C) Fr3 M A Tenardi Fr4 R P Morris Fr5 SCRATCHED M J Elkins (C) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 375110 418232 371712 474330 154185 111111 926620 — — SECOND LINE SECOND LINE 17.00 RIVERLEIGH JEFF MAKOA THATS HOW WEROLL ZALTA LIFEONTHEBEACH 13.00 8.00 *3.00 51.00 9.00 Fr6 T M Neaves G W Dixon I P Gurney M G Dawson J P McCarthy G P Whitaker A M Donohoe C M Geary M J Elkins (C) J P McCarthy Sr1 Sr2 Sr3 Sr4 Sr5 8 9 10 11 12 501983 602537 138546 316798 119S49 JACKAROO BROMAC SPARKLING CULLECT LILAC FLASH REMEMBER THEM UNDER WORKED 26.00 8.00 *3.50 11.00 13.00 T I Lambourn I P Gurney K M Rasmussen G H Franklin J P McCarthy M J Elkins (C) C M Geary K M Rasmussen D M McMullen J P McCarthy Sr1 Sr2 Sr3 Sr4 Sr5 8 9 10 11 12 554380 017834 111152 038841 616109 SECOND LINE THE DEMOCRAT FRANCO TARIQ JACK FARTHING MACHEASY HOSIER LANE 6.00 6.00 4.50 13.00 11.00 J P McCarthy D J D Smith J P McCarthy G W Dixon D J Elder C M Geary N M Dawson J P McCarthy T Dixon M A Dux Sr1 Sr2 Sr3 Sr4 Sr5 8 9 10 11 12 716393 04123S 47S231 122429 015156 SOMEMONDOSOMEWHERE (2) was 1st up in Qld on Tues and from gate 1 was able to hustle through to hold the front. Steady through the opening 800m, the tempo spiked through the 3rd panel and he was able to stave off the challengers. Fitter from that effort he can look to dictate once again. worked hard in the breeze last start and was still fighting when finishing 6m from the winner EVERYTHING. Facing some tricky gates at his previous 2 starts he looks to get the perfect trip from the ace here and will be primed for the closing shot. isn’t far off winning one here in Qld. Last start he had no luck whatsoever when snagged back from gate 7 and went to the line looking for space. With even luck he has claims. claimed the bronze last start on the grass at Kilcoy after working in the run. From this gate he should enjoy a soft run and be ready to challenge when the gaps open. LILAC FLASH (10) had put together 8 successive victories as he marched through the grades with ease. 2 starts back when starting fav off gate 6 he went back early and then couldn’t get into the contest. He charged home last start and with good tempo on offer here he can swoop home. returns from a break without a public trial. 3 starts back he was only beaten 1m by JOES STAR OF MIA who lines up in Rd 3 of the InterDom. Forced to do it tough last start he worked hard when fading off and was sent for a break. He will be right in the fight here. went straight to the front and was only grabbed on the line 3 starts back and followed that with a tough win. This is easier than his last start Be Good Johnny and he has claims. was a passing lane winner here 2 starts back from gate 1 when arriving to win by a head. His run from gate 6 last start had merit and with the ace gate he can go mighty close. JACK FARTHING (10) had placed in 2 runs back from a spell at Menangle and then last start showed the benefit of the return runs when finishing strongly wide out to score a career best win rate. The gate makes this a little tricky but with the added fitness, he looks ready to go on with it. will be looking to get a great trip and can be ready to take the closing shot when the passing lane arrives. He tried to take them all the way from gate 1 last start when grabbed up the passing lane. 3rd to THE SHADY ONE 3 starts back he will be hard to hold out of sighting space. has the gate to take advantage and had put together a pair of strong wins at Redcliffe heading into his most recent start. If not pressured in front he can fight on, but winless in 8 attempts at the 2138m is a sticking point. has placed at his past 3 starts the latest when using the passing lane to get within a head of the winner EVERYTHING. Limiting his early work will be key to him challenging. THE GOLDEN CROSS (1) SOMEPARTYSOMEWHERE (3) PRINCE THE DEMOCRAT (8) OF ZANZIBAR (6) BODHI TREE (4) RIVERLEIGH JEFF (8) DARK ENERGY (1) PATERNITY SUIT (1) MISTER HART (2) 3 AQWA Constructions Christmas Cup 8.10 QUAD Garrards Horse & Hound Pace 6.38 EQ $21,160. M0 Or Better RBD Mobile. 2680m $12,970. Band 5 C4 Or Better RBD Mobile. 1660m AQWA Constructions Forever Gold Pace 9.37 NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW AVONNOVA FRANKIE ROCKS OHOKA PUNTER MACH ALERT THE SPACE INVADER WATCH PULP FICTION GANGSTER BOY 7.00 34.00 21.00 6.00 13.00 15.00 21.00 I P Gurney G W Dixon G W Dixon I P Gurney S J Cini C A Turpin R J Veivers C M Geary J D Cremin A M Donohoe B W Barnes N J McMullen H L Barnes D M McMullen Fr1 Fr2 Fr3 Fr4 Fr5 Fr6 Fr7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6S7337 223134 231325 S67812 372131 552515 311651 $21,160. Mares M0 Or Better RBD Mobile. 1660m BEAU CISHLOM BET IM SPECIAL DARBY BRIGHTS EVERYTHING FRANCO TOTEM CHAPTER ONE NUI TOC TIEN 11.00 31.00 7.50 10.00 8.50 31.00 10.00 K A Schulz A W Barnes K M Rasmussen G W Dixon D W Graham G W Dixon T I Lambourn D M McMullen H L Barnes K M Rasmussen G W Dixon J C Wallace (C,cl) B M Woodsford (C,cl) M J Elkins (C) Fr1 Fr2 Fr3 Fr4 Fr5 Fr6 Fr7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 024381 752278 410724 437411 1831B6 155237 186385 NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW SMOOTH SHOWGIRL SWEET AS GRINVIL ANNIKA MAGIC JUST SEDUCE ME OUR MILLWOOD MAIZIE ELENIARK *1.60 11.00 9.00 26.00 41.00 5.00 2.30 I P Gurney D W Graham R P Hutchinson K J Smith N J McMullen D C Garrard G W Dixon C M Geary D W Graham L T Cain (C) K J Smith N J McMullen K M Rasmussen G W Dixon Fr1 Fr2 Fr3 Fr4 Fr5 Fr6 Fr7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 265265 162876 442536 321874 8311B7 252432 96S111 SECOND LINE SECOND LINE AZTEC BROMAC TYGAR (EM) ALLELUIA COLT THIRTY ONE BLAZIN N CULLEN OUR HI JINX 26.00 17.00 16.00 *1.40 17.00 21.00 K A Turner J E Taaffe G W Dixon G W Dixon J P McCarthy I P Gurney R P Morris J E Taaffe T Dixon G W Dixon J P McCarthy K L Dawson Sr1 SrSr2 Sr3 Sr4 Sr5 8 9 10 11 12 13 117569 453148 442416 152S11 19760S 020943 MAJOR SCORE TYGAR SIR JULIAN BALLYMORE BOY SLICE OF HEAVEN 21.00 3.80 31.00 8.50 *2.00 M J Butler J E Taaffe G F Dwyer K A Turner D J D Smith B W Barnes J E Taaffe J D Cremin R P Morris R W Maguire (C,cl) Sr1 Sr2 Sr3 Sr4 Sr5 8 9 10 11 12 589423 453148 615194 665225 45111S ELENIARK (7) completed a hat-trick of wins last start to remain undefeated for the season. Last start in mares company she was sent forward to the breeze and packed too many guns to score a comfortable win. That followed a win when working home from back in the pack. The gate hurts but she can take the next step in this. returns from a Menangle campaign and is the big winner in the barrier draw. 2 starts back she did her share of early work when finishing mid-field behind VILLAGE WITCH and last start was drawn wide when snagged back and looking for luck late. With the speed to lead she will be gripping on. was in the pocket trail here last week when finishing 4th to ELENIARK after angling back to the passing lane. Back to the front line is a big plus after 3 successive 2nd line draws. was the best of those back in the pack last week and was hitting the line strongly to grab the silver behind ELENIARK. That followed a 4m 3rd to ALLELUIA and she will be swooping late again. SMOOTH SHOWGIRL (1) TYGAR (9) will line up if not needed as the emergency for the Christmas Cup and if gaining a run here can give this a shake. A Menangle winner 3 starts back, he was sent forward from a wide gate 2 starts back when 8m from the winner. Beaten by gate 12 in the Be Good Johnny he is up to this. closed out his last campaign with a hat-trick of victories to make it wins in 8 of his last 12 runs for the season. His last run was a strong effort when doing plenty of early work and forging clear for a big win over the 2138m trip. With 2 smart trials to prepare he is in the mix. rolled forward to the breeze last start and was working in the run when fighting on to finish mid-field behind THE SPACE INVADER. With a cheaper run in this he can chime in. shoots for the hat-trick after successive wins when leading throughout in each. From gate 1 last start he led then up and held on to score by a head. He can challenge again here. COLT THIRTY ONE (11) steps it up to take on the boys‚Äö3Ñ3Ÿ for the first time and hasn’t had any favours from the barrier. After a stellar 3YO term he has returned in great touch and has been clinical in scoring dominant wins in his 2 runs back. Both wins have been over the 2138m and he can take this step with finesse. speared out to find the front over the sprint trip last week and setting a strong tempo couldn’t hold out the sprint lane winner RAKAROLLA. That followed a Menangle win 2 starts back and with the speed to fire out early and a strong record at the distance he will be fighting. was beaten by the barrier last start and was trying to work home in the closing stages wide out. A tough 2nd from the breeze over the 2138m 2 starts back, he won’t be far away with the longer trip suiting. settled in the running line over the mile at Menangle 2 starts back and packed too many guns to score. He found the line nicely last start and with the right trail can chime in late here. ‚Äö3Ñ30big ANNIKA MAGIC SLICE OF HEAVEN (12) MACH ALERT (4) (4) OUR MILLWOOD MAIZIE (6) FRANCO TOTEM (5) OHOKA PUNTER (3) EVERYTHING (4) WATCH PULP FICTION (6) 10 Trot 10.02 $16,050. Trotters T0 To T3 PBD Mobile. 2138m NO. FORM HORSE TRAINER DRIVER ROW SCHIPPERS GALAXY HUNTER NO TRANSACTIONS DAY TOURER MISS INVASION ARNOLD EL SWAVO 17.00 17.00 21.00 26.00 13.00 *4.00 5.00 D R Lee M J Charlton J A Whitaker A G Cain D E Hancock B J Connelly I K Bennett N M Dawson S J Doherty G P Whitaker M J Elkins (C) L T Cain (C) N M Dawson F E Bennett Fr1 Fr2 Fr3 Fr4 Fr5 Fr6 Fr7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 466434 6649S3 7S5305 546465 222287 20S7R0 746411 ALBION PARK ENHANCED PRICES ON FIXED ODDS SECOND LINE GHENT JUSTABITCOCO REDRIVERDEBBA (ODM) MONORAIL (ODM) STONED AGAIN (ODM) 21.00 6.00 *4.00 26.00 *4.00 L N Bahr D R Lee G F Dwyer A W Barnes C J Petroff H L Barnes D R Lee L J Weidemann A W Barnes C J Petroff Sr1 Sr2 Sr3 Sr4 Sr5 8 9 10 11 12 338450 52267S 42B314 547563 322612 REDRIVERDEBBA (10) was locked away in the run at Redcliffe over the 2613m trip 3 starts back and was hitting the line strongly to get within 3m of the winner NORTHERN MUSCLE. With the writing on the wall she stepped cleanly and took them all the way next start. Her last start at Marburg was strong off 40m and she can arrive here. has the tough gate to negotiate but has been racing well off big handicaps in recent starts. Only 4m from the winner after starting from 30m 2 starts back he then was close up off 40m last start. Winless in 25 attempts from the mobile is a big concern, but he can look to rectify that here. is knocking on the door of victory, waiting for conditions to open it for her. After 4 successive 2nd place finishes, she has made errors at her past 2. Back to mobile conditions is a big plus and she is right in the fight. makes his Qld and Aus debut for Brad Connelly and arrives a four-time winner, three of those from the mobile. His past 2 starts were during NZ Cup week where he struggled to show his best. He stays right under notice here. RACES 3 & 4 STONED AGAIN (12) MISS INVASION (5) SATURDAY | MAX BET $50 ARNOLD (6) HARNESS LEGEND M1/C3 PBD RBD RODM - Class of race (one metro win/three career wins). - Random barrier draw. - Preferential barrier draw. - Out of the draw in mobiles. - Right out of the draw in mobiles. - Out of the draw in stands. - Right out of the draw in stands. - Moved to extreme outside draw. - Rehandicapped. - Trotter. Colts & geldings. - Concession driver. - Claiming concession driver ODM ODS RODS EOD RHCP (C,cl) TR C&G (C) PROMOTIONAL T&CS APPLY & AVAILABLE ON WEBSITE. GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY. GCBE01Z01MA - V2

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