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Min cost DETAILS P10 DETAILS P10 Call 1800 303 503 Call 1800 303 503 Conditions apply Conditions apply RUGBY’S CLOSE SHAVE $1.70 GOLDCOASTBULLETIN.COM.AU SPIRITED AWAY $1.70 GOLDCOASTBULLETIN.COM.AU TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2018 GAMES ON A WINNER WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2018 $1.70 GOLDCOASTBULLETIN.COM.AU FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2018 $1.70 GOLDCOASTBULLETIN.COM.AU $1.70 GOLDCOASTBULLETIN.COM.AU SHARKS IN THE ROUGH MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2018 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2018 CONMAN FOSTER: SHOWDOWN A ‘SHAM’ P3 CANDYMAN’S SOUR TASTE CASE LYN DAWSON COLD BREAKTHROUGH KILLER’S NEW PIPE DREAM NURSING HOME DEATH INQUEST THE Chinese company behind plans for $1.2-billion Surfers Paradise super tower Spirit has been locked out of its beachfront display suite. The two-level suite, reportedly built at a cost of $3 million, has been used to market apartments in the 89-level Spirit. Fidante Partners, part of Paradise Centre owner the Challenger group, has posted a notice at the entrance to the suite advising the lease had been terminated. MORE than 90 major events are already booked for upgraded Games venues next year, further proof the Commonwealth Games legacy is delivering tens of millions of dollars to the Coast. Major sporting venues outside of the Games generated 384 event days and $1.86 million in revenue this year, attracting 300,000 fans. SPORT | P78 SAFER AT SCHOOLIES side of our city JAWS CIRCLE GOLFERS | P5 Coast loses artist who showed us a new P11 AFTER JAIL | 13,479 days since his wife went missing, Chris Dawson is behind bars – and his former teenage girlfriend could hold the key to a conviction PATEA’S PLANS he’s TRAVERS “Candyman” Beynon says sick of an “ongoing campaign of harassment’’ against him and has threatened to relocate his famous mansion party. REPORT P5 EXCLUSIVE AT 2.45PM Subscribe today to STAFF SOAP OPERA to Council wants new waterways service extend to heart of entertainment precinct CITY leaders are dismissing calls to cancel Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast, claiming school-leavers are “better off” partying supervised. Mayor Tom Tate and Surfers Paradise MP John-Paul Langbroek have joined Red Frogs co-ordinator Andy Gourley to say they would rather Schoolies remain an official event. The fortnight of celebrating by graduate teens included the fatal fall of Hamish Bidgood and alleged rape of a schoolie. BROADIE AWAY WITH FERRIES The manager of an aged care home was told this World War II hero had swallowed cleaning fluid and was struggling to breathe back $21,685 of her wages via a cashback scheme, the Fair Work Ombudsman will today reveal. The two managers were fined $42,432 and $26,520 for the breaches, which occurred in 2012-2014. FORMER operators of a Gold Coast car wash business have been fined for underpaying 59 workers almost $150,000 because they were not “worth” it. One Korean worker on a 457 skilled worker visa was forced to pay REPORT P9 THESE GIRLS REPORT P3 MEAN BUSINESS FIVE OF THE BEST FULL STORY P5 COFFEE NOOKS MY FLIGHT WITH CHRIS DAWSON FULL REPORT P7 Hampson Glenn Picture NOT JUST ANOTHER TOWER AT 3PM PETER & REGINA’S SOCIALS She clocked off and went home P17 I HAVE NO REGRETS stock firm collapse Up to 12,000 nest eggs frozen in Coast INSIDE PLANE TO SYDNEY | P6-7 EXCLUSIVE TRAGIC LAST RIDE PARKING THREATS most – motorbikes and stunning vistas. two of the things he loved Photographer and videographer Tim Caraco in a shot that encapsulates TASTE P19-22 | weather arrives and crowds head for the beach – but a blocked driveway that locked in an elderly woman for an entire weekend, stopping her from visiting a dying friend, has brought the matter to a head. RESIDENTS fed up with illegally parked cars blocking driveways are threatening to take matters into their own hands, including towing vehicles and dumping them in the middle of the road. Tempers are heating up as the hot CAMPBELL GELLIE KIDS IN CAR TRAP A TALENTED and inspirational Gold Coast artist who captured some of the most beautiful images of the city has died in a motorcycle crash. Photographer and videographer Tim Caraco, 29, was killed when his motorcycle and a car collided at Bilinga yesterday morning, sparking a wave of tributes on social media. Call 1800 303 503 goldcoastbulletin.com.au/extra KIDS are being trapped in hot cars at an alarming rate with four reported in just one week as heatwave conditions hit the Gold Coast. RACQ responded to four cases at Nerang, Hollywell, Tallai and Upper Coomera between 10am and 3pm – the hottest part of the day – in temperatures between 27 and 29C. A baby boy was among the kids rescued, pulled unharmed from a car after he was accidentally locked inside. FULL STORY P8 REPORT P4 CHARITY KEEPS LIGHTS ON AT CANDY CANE LANE Chriis Dawson appeared before South port Magiistrates Court yesterday follllowiing hiis Biiggera Waters arrest.. (from former giirllfriiend and IInsets lleft) wiife Joanne Curtiis,, and Dawson Lyn on theiir weddiing day.. wiith RIICHARD GOSLIING Stradbroke roads, open up South Island to nonboaties and help bring more workers and tourists into the inner city. Sketch:: manager Catherine Newman said she did not regret leaving work and later sending a distressed staff member away from her home that night, and would “possibly’’ do so again. Broadbeach and to make parts of the trial free for residents. Council now wants the twoyear trial to include 14 stops, not 12, and to cover an extra 3km to take more cars off the of It is alleged a “half empty” bottle cleaning fluid, Bacban, was next to him. During the first day of an inquest at the Southport Coroner’s Court into Mr Murphy’s death, facility ANDREW POTTS Maxwell Murphy (pictured), 88, died on November 24, 2014, three days after he complained of a burning mouth and was coughing up blood at the Lions Haven for the Aged nursing home in Hope Island. directs are linked to “Australia’s biggest Ponzi scheme”, owing $209 million to another 780 investors. AN inquest into the death of a World War II hero who drank cleaning fluid at an aged care facility has heard a manager did not regret heading home 15 minutes after being told of the incident. and sole director of Halifax, declined it to comment yesterday. However, can be revealed that Halifax and another company he manages and creditors are expected to learn their fate in Sydney today. They are likely to lose more than $100 million. Jeff Worboys (above), the CEO GOLD Coast City councillors will today vote for the proposed ferry system to be extended to the heart of collapse of Gold Coast company Halifax Investment Services. The stockbroking firm was put into administration last week and SEE WHAT HIGH RISE WILL HAVE ON ITS ROOF THOUSANDS of investors from three different countries have had their accounts frozen while liquidators unravel the multi-million-dollar KATHLEEN SKENE REPORTS P4 STORY P4 REPORT P4 LEA EMERY REPORTS P8 P8 TOP STREET SAVED P9 IMPORTANT MESSAGE TROUBLE ITALY DIRECT FROM THE ITALIAN TENORS E CONFIDENCE WAIT FOR INVESTORS HOPE ISLAND SHOP 7-DAY H A C L S LAST CHANCE continue. Administrators at a four-hour creditor meeting yesterday said while $211 million had been invested with Halifax, the company only held cash and securities of $190-$200 million, leaving a shortfall of up to $20 million. KATHLEEN SKENE BUNDALL IN PARADISE QLD 8.00PM 15 MOVIE & FRESH NEW STORE THURSDAY DECEMBER 6 2018 INVESTORS have ploughed $211 million into trading accounts of failed stockbroking firm Halifax Investment Services – every cent of which will remain frozen indefinitely while investigations TIX ON SALE NOW DEC 29-45 Ashmore Road TV GUIDE FESTIVE FUN CELEBRATE THE IRISH WAY CHRISTMAS GREAT PRICES! 8AM OPENING, WEDNESDAY 5TH DECEMBER ACCIDENT SPARKS SAFETY REVIEW | WHAT'S ON STOCK AT MOVIES, GIGS, SHOWS AND TV GUIDE 5584 3111 CONVENTION CENTRE GREAT PRICES! CONVENTION STOCK AT TO BUY www.twintowns.com.au P2 TO BUY SPELL BINDING 1800 014 014 Proud Sponsor Wharf St, Tweed Heads REPORT P8 PLAY MAG INSIDE 09/12/2018 Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends Personal shoppers only. are for illustration purposes only. as individual franchises. Pictures TERESA PALMER AND MATTHEW GOODE ENCHANT TV AUDIENCES CP031219Q2GCBFPS Harvey Norman operates V1 - GCBE01Z01MA MONDAY TUESDAY INVESTOR HELLIFAX STAR CROSS LOVER night CHRIS Dawson has spent his first behind bars after his arrest over the almost alleged murder of his wife Lynette, 37 years after she disappeared. The 70-year-old’s arrest at his stepdaughter’s comes as Biggera Waters home lover, it can be revealed his former teenage star Joanne Curtis, will be the police’s him for witness in the potential trial against went the alleged murder of his wife, who 1982. missing from her home in January, shorts, Wearing a light brown T-shirt and Dawson appeared in the Southport his Magistrates Court yesterday where Lyn’s extradition to NSW was ordered. the family said they were “ecstatic’’ over arrest. FULL COVERAGE P4-7

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