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I have a 35,000km 2017 Holden Astra Hatch R+ which has been ideal for me but I was wondering what new similar model hatch or SUV you would recommend as a replacemen­t? Also, are there potential issues I should look out for on the Astra? Kerry Malone, email

You say the Astra hatch is ideal and only covered 35,000km. Just keep it, Kerry. The Opelsource­d Astra is an underrated car and has proved reliable. Rare instances of piston failure (listen for engine knocks, rattles or a smoking exhaust) have been reported, and its paint chips easily. New-car supply is tight and prices are high to reflect this. If you’re desperate for something new look at the recently updated Kia Cerato or Mazda3, but you’ll find them far pricier than your Astra was four years ago.

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