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A WEEK IN SEPTEMBER Peter Rees and Sue Langford



A moving story of love, resilience and survival from best-selling writer Peter Rees and psychologi­st Sue Langford.

Doug Heywood was a teenager when he discovered, in a shoebox hidden in a wardrobe, hundreds of letters, all written by his father,

Scott Heywood. As a POW on the infamous Burma Railway, Scott wrote almost daily to his wife,

Margery, on scraps of paper that had to be hidden from guards. These letters tell of an enduring love between Scott and Margery, and also reveal how Scott managed to make it through the most testing circumstan­ces. This is the untold story of one man, one ordinary man, and his war. Woven through it is Margery’s story, as she waited anxiously with their two young children in rural Victoria, trapped in an emotional rollercoas­ter, unaware that he was writing letters to her that could not be posted. Peter Rees has had a long career as a journalist covering federal politics and as an author specialisi­ng in Australian military history. His books include Anzac Girls; Desert Boys; Lancaster Men; Bearing Witness: The Remarkable Life of Charles Bean; and The Missing Man: From the Outback to Tarakan.

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