Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin



The number of US states with names beginning with “B” is (a) zero (b) five (c) nine?

2. The distance by air from Adelaide to Perth is (a) 1120km (b) 2120km (c) 3120km?

3. Which is the correct spelling (a) pteradacty­l (b) pterodacty­l (c) pterrodact­yl?

4. Lance Armstrong was stripped of how many Tour de France wins (a) three (b) five (c) seven?

5. Australia’s first federal election with compulsory voting took place in (a) 1904

(b) 1924 (c) 1944?

6. Which character did Audrey Hepburn play in the 1964 movie My Fair Lady?

7. “It’s Time” was the ALP slogan for which year’s federal election?

8. In which South American country was Argentinia­n-born, Cuban-nationalis­ed revolution­ary Che Guevara executed in 1967?

9. The 1908 Olympics were moved from Rome to London because of the eruption of which volcano?

10. Australia Post recently released a set of stamps commemorat­ing models of which car brand?

11. Which Cronulla Sharks forward was recently sent a formal warning after a Fox Sports interview in which he said he would have “1000 beers” as part of a celebratio­n for beating the St George Illawarra Dragons?

12. Did Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar live longer?

13. At a traditiona­l Australian wedding, who is charged with the responsibi­lity of bringing the rings to the ceremony?

14. Grand Marnier liqueurs originated in (a) France (b) Italy (c) Spain?

15. The first modern Olympics were held in 1896 in (a) Amsterdam (b) Athens (c) Atlanta?

16. Name Canada’s national anthem.

17. The Battle of Khe Sanh took place during which war?

18. Which 2006 book by Elizabeth Gilbert told of her experience­s in Italy, India and Indonesia after her divorce?

19. Who won the 2021 Australian Open men’s singles tennis title?

20. What is common about the words “bulb”, “month” and “silver”?

21. Which country is the only nation named after an historical woman?

22. Britain and the USA were adversarie­s in which 1859 conflict sparked by the shooting of a pig?

23. In which women’s athletics final at the Montreal 1976 Olympics did four runners finish within a second of each other and break the world record?

24. On 31 May this year, there was a public holiday in the ACT for which “day”?

25. Which 19th century US president reputedly invented the lazy Susan, known as a “dumbwaiter”, for his daughter Susan?

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