Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin



1. Which city in Australia has the most rainy days?

2. Which 5-piece Australian band of the 1960s had hits including She’s So Fine and Friday On My Mind?

3. Copacabana Beach is in which South American city?

4. Which Italian composer wrote “Nessun dorma”?

5. A Lipizzaner is what type of animal?

6. In The White House, who followed Nancy and came before Hillary?

7. Of which country was Alberto Fujimori president for 11 years?

8. Which British actor played Oscar Wilde in the ¿OP DERXW WKH ZULWHU"

9. Dolores O’Riordan fronted which band in the 1990s?

%HOJLXP KDV WKUHH RႈFLDO ODQJXDJHV ± German, Dutch and which other?

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