Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin




What word originally meant “kill one in every ten”? (8)

7 Mixing red and green makes what colour? (5)

8 What did Walt Disney drive during World War One? (9)

9 What is a former name of Tokyo? (3)

10 The sycamore and maple belong to which genus? (4)

11 Dorothy lives in which state in The Wizard of Oz? (6)

13 What pad or frame was worn under a skirt to expand it behind? (6)

14 What is the chief electricia­n on a film set called? (6)

17 India and Pakistan won every Olympic tournament from 1928 to 1968 in which sport? (6)

18 What is an alliance between a number of states to coordinate their foreign policy? (4) 20 What garland of flowers is worn around the neck? (3)

22 What did alchemists call sulphur? (9)

23 Which dance originated in Buenos Aries? (5)

24 How old was George Bush Sr in 1943 when he became the US Navy’s youngest pilot? (8)


In Roman mythology, who was goddess of the moon? (5)

2 What are made in orb, triangle and funnel shapes? (7)

3 What is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse? (4)

4 What might a soldier call his steel helmet? (3,3)

5 Rickets affects what in the body? (5)

6 Joe Davis won every world championsh­ip from 1927 to 1946 in which sport? (7)

7 A traditiona­l wood polish contains linseed oil and what other natural product? (7)

12 What is an inert medication used as a control in drug trials? (7)

13 What are dumdums? (7)

15 What small pit is dug by a soldier as shelter against hostile fire? (7)

16 Which family long ruled Florence? (6)

17 What is the offspring of a female donkey and a male horse? (5)

19 What earthenwar­e beer mug originated in Germany? (5)

21 Who (Arthur ___) beat Jimmy Connors in the final at Wimbledon in 1975? (4)

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