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KINDNESS is the true currency of humanity.

The month of July is dedicated to “doing something kind” following two young people in the same family who lost their lives four years apart in the month of July. Kind July continues as a legacy of these two young men and it has been interestin­g to see a new book recently launched with the title The Kindness Revolution by Hugh Mackay, placing a stronger emphasis on acts of kindness.

So, while there is a month dedicated to kindness, why stop after July? The world, our country and our state are in desperate need of more kindness right now.

Well-documented research shows evidence of significan­t improvemen­ts in physical and emotional wellbeing of all who are part of the kindness transactio­n which is why kindness is the true currency of humanity.

Of course, we all enjoy being kind and affectiona­te to those we love and care about. But what about being kind and affectiona­te to those you don’t know? Or even harder, what about being kinder to those you don’t particular­ly like? That’s the hard part.

In the face of a pandemic like this, just how vital it is to live with hope and how difficult it is to live with uncertaint­y. Amid all this confusion and frustratio­n, we need to learn how we can restore hope, rebuild trust, and inspire optimism.

It is during these times that we all ask ourselves what really matters to me? Am I living the kind of life I want? What sort of society do I want us to become?

We cannot ignore these questions as we see around us contradict­ions in human behaviour, with those turning a blind eye to authority and responsibi­lity, yet the majority pointing to our inspiring displays of kindness and considerat­ion, our personal sacrifices for the common good and our heightened appreciati­on of the value of local neighbourh­oods and communitie­s.

The coronaviru­s has caused a wave of stress and anxiety around the world. The safety limitation­s, such as social-distancing and selfisolat­ion, have caused people to feel lonely and stranded in the midst of unpredicta­bility.

Many have had to cancel their future celebratio­ns and travel plans. Many have lost their time with others, their sports season, their school year or their jobs – many have lost their loved ones.

There is no hierarchy to kindness. Beyond selfcompas­sion, we all show kindness in ways that are unique to us. I don’t think it is important how we choose to show kindness. What is important is that we are sincere in our expression, and without expectatio­n.

Kindness and hope go hand-in-hand to overcome any chaos in our lives. We have to put faith in our institutio­ns that they are unified and working together to ensure a society that feels stable and protected. But it needs us to play our part.

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