Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin



1. Olympic sprint gold medal winner Allan Wells was from which UK country?

2. Where were the 1996 Olympics held?

3. Which English golfer won the Olympic golf gold at Rio?

4. In which event at the Rio Olympics did two brothers take gold and silver?

5. Which Jamaican athlete has won eight gold medals?

6. Paralympia­n Matthew Cowdrey is a star for which sport?

7. Australian Olympic boxing bronze medallist Tony Madigan was beaten by who?

8. Which athletics event is traditiona­lly the last at the Olympics? 9. Which is the only combat sport to appear at every modern Olympics?

10. How many Olympics did Sally Pearson compete in?

11. In what sport has New Zealand won its most Olympic gold medals?

12. Who has attended most Olympics for Australia? 13. Who was Australia’s last field event gold medallist in Olympic athletics?

14. American Mary Lou Retton was an Olympic champion in what sport?

15. How many gold medals did US swimmer Mark Spitz win at the 1972 Olympics?

16. In which Sydney suburb was Dawn Fraser born?

17. Hop, step and jump was the previous name for what event?

18. Julian Wilson is representi­ng Australia in Tokyo in what event?

19. Hockeyroo Rechelle Hawkes (pictured) read the athletes oath at which Olympics?

20. Where are the 2028 Olympics being held?

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