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With­out be­ing judg­men­tal, 60 per­cent of Aus­tralians are over­weight and yet you give no ad­vice on prospec­tive com­fort for the ma­jor­ity of Aus­tralians apart from the oc­ca­sional ad­vice for tall peo­ple.

For ex­am­ple, there are mostly glow­ing re­ports on the size of the Ge­n­e­sis in­te­rior and yet I found it to be a tight fit; my young chil­dren even com­plained of a lack of legroom when I tested the car. I re­alised that much of the 3010mm wheel­base is squan­dered on the long-bon­net look. The car is oth­er­wise bril­liant.bril­lian Please em­ploy some ‘norma ‘nor­mal’ peo­ple as testers and not just un­der-nor­mal-sized peo­ple.

Ross Finoc­chiaro, via em email We’ll see what we can do about ex­tend­ing the editorial lunch bud­get, Ross. – Ed

I found the in­te­rior of the Ge­n­e­sis to be a tight fit

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