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The wagon’s slop­ing rear re­jects the look of boxy Volvo wag­ons of old (and of Swedish tastes) in or­der to lure more global buy­ers. In Europe the V90 is ex­pected to ac­count for some 70 per­cent of to­tal model sales.

Us­ing a space-sav­ing in­te­gral axle and trans­verse leaf-spring rear sus­pen­sion de­sign re­sults in more cabin space, as well as a lower and wider cargo floor for greater prac­ti­cal­ity. Plus, an ex­tended rear com­pared to the pre­ced­ing V70 means the V90’s lug­gage vol­ume to­tal is only 15 litres shy at 575 litres.

And no rear-fac­ing kid seats? “We love them, but they’re not per­ceived as pre­mium enough,” ex­plained Volvo safety guru Lotta Jakob­s­son.

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