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The As­tra de­liv­ers value from the out­set by be­ing a bit cheaper and no­tice­ably bet­ter equipped, on both the safety and con­ve­nience/lux­ury fronts. It feels more spa­cious and does in fact have more room in­side, front and back. Its cabin also ben­e­fits from be­ing the newer de­sign. The As­tra is quicker, with­out be­ing un­duly thirstier, and han­dles with a sportier slant. VER­DICT The Golf, mean­while, is more flex­i­ble than fast, and favours ride com­fort over carv­ing, but cer­tainly is not with­out sport­ing ap­peal. The Golf needs a ser­vice ev­ery 12 months, the Holden a more fre­quent (and less con­ve­nient) nine months. The Golf, as a model line, has been hard to topple in re­cent years. But in this spec, the As­tra shoots to the top of the class.

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