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I saw the new ZB Com­modore on the road for the first time the other day. I had my 11-yearold son in the car with me, and it took me back to the first time I ever saw the new VK Com­modore, iron­i­cally when I was also aged 11.

My late fa­ther was a me­chanic in the To­rana era of HDT, and as a re­sult, Ray Bor­rett had brought the first VK Calais with the elec­tronic dash­board down to dad’s fac­tory after-hours.

I can re­mem­ber it driv­ing down the long drive­way to­wards us. Two-tone bronze over sil­ver, with brown, di­ag­o­nal-pat­tern leather seats.

I also re­mem­ber be­ing slightly dis­ap­pointed that it was the six. I had hoped for the eight, but it re­ally didn’t mat­ter. It was a new Com­modore, and I saw it and sat in it be­fore all my mates at school. This was 34 years ago, but such was the im­pact, it could have been yesterday. I can see it as I write this.

I said to my son, “Look, that’s the new Com­modore,” and he looked, and said “Cool!”, but didn’t sound like he meant it. I said “Yeah!” But nei­ther did I. It’s just not the same.

I felt a brief pang of sad­ness, both for me for mem­o­ries past, and him, for mem­o­ries he’ll never have. At least he may re­mem­ber that he was in an Fal­con XR6 Turbo ute when he did see it.

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