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This month’sh’s prize for Australia’s most exclusive ex­clu sive and ex­pen­siveve car goe­goess to the psy­choticc but un­de­ni­ably unde eni­ably won­der­ful Pa­gani­gani Huahuayra ayra Road­ster, whichch is tech­ni­cally tech hni­cally now on sale Downown Un­der. Und der. Mel­bourne’s Zagame agame Au­to­mo­tive hass ex­clu­sex­clu­sive sive rights to dis­tri­bu­tionu­tion oof the Ital­ian brand, butt at $ 5.5m, 5 and with global pro­duc­tion ro­duc ction lim­ited to just 1000 per year, not many are ex­pect­edectedd to ap­pear lo­cally. If youou aare lucky enough to snap up a Huayra H Road­ster, you’ll be thehe proud owner of a 570kw 6.0-0--litre turbo V12 su­per­car ca­pa­bleap­pable of 0-100km/h in 2.9sec.

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