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There is al­ways a fine line between con­tem­po­rary cut­tingedge de­sign and plain ugly de­sign. In their ob­ses­sive need to in­fuse the Lexus brand with a fresh style, Ya­suo Ka­jino’s so-called ‘spin­dle grille’ de­sign has given the Lexus range the most plain ugly, grossly over­styled front-end treat­ment that is to­tally out of pro­por­tion with the rest of the car. It looks as if it was in­tended to fit a truck or large ute.

Fact is, style is one of the three most crit­i­cal as­pects that in­flu­ences the car-buy­ing pub­lic. It took BMW a decade to re­cover from the ‘Ban­gle­butt’ de­sign dis­as­ters, and to see the new UX con­tinue this po­lar­is­ing de­sign style, his­tory will show it will take Lexus even longer to re­cover out of this de­sign mess. It’s clear this po­lar­is­ing styling has turned away more po­ten­tial cus­tomers than it has at­tracted, as Lexus sales con­tinue to slide, with Au­gust see­ing Lexus drop out of the list of top 20 sell­ing brands in Aus­tralia.

“The ‘spin­dle grille’ de­sign has given the Lexus range the most ugly front end”

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