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Corby, as ever, is on the money with his mus­ings over the race to strip seem­ingly all cars of great pipes, even the icons such as Porsches (Corby Col­umn, Wheels, Oc­to­ber). One of the great things about mo­tor­sport and road-go­ing sports cars in gen­eral is the per­son­al­ity of the car de­liv­ered by the en­gine/ ex­haust note.

A few of us were watch­ing a stage of Targa West re­cently. The scream of a lightly muf­fled M3 or GT3 was off­set nicely by the howl of a well worked L-se­ries donk in a 240Z or a su­per­charged Toy­ota V6 in an Ex­ige.

But then the Tesla road­ster comes past, a car shar­ing its chas­sis with the afore­men­tioned Ex­ige. Sure, it pushes along quite quickly, but with no sound; well, it’s like watch­ing a dra­matic scene in your favourite movie with the sound on mute. Go on, try to watch any film with the sound off for a cou­ple of min­utes and you re­alise just how im­por­tant the sound­track is. And it’s the same with cars, I be­lieve, to no lesser an ex­tent.

I guess some of us are just wired to be at­tracted to noise, smell and speed … but the noise is part of that holy trin­ity which can­not be sep­a­rated. Ju­lian, via email

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