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Wheels (Australia) - - Comparison/A110 Vs M2 Comp -

What’s the se­cret sauce in the M2 Com­pe­ti­tion’s dy­namic en­ve­lope? It could well be some­thing as pro­saic as the ball-jointed sus­pen­sion. There is sig­nif­i­cantly less roll on turn-in with the new car and the driver doesn’t have to man­age the sec­ondary set­tling that the orig­i­nal M2 suf­fered from. In the old car, that could be fixed with op­tional M Com­pe­ti­tion sus­pen­sion but then you lost any sem­blance of bump ab­sorp­tion. The M2 Com­pe­ti­tion also de­liv­ers bet­ter steer­ing and ESC map­ping while spring and damper tun­ing have been re­cal­i­brated to of­fer more be­nign limit han­dling.


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