Wheels (Australia) - - YOUR SAY - David Evans, Braid­wood, NSW

IN ‘ATMO HE­ROES’ (Wheels, Septem­ber 2019), you ex­pressed de­light at the han­dling of the Chrysler 300, ex­pect­ing such an overt Amer­i­can to fall short (my para­phras­ing).

It’s only Amer­i­can on the out­side. Un­der­neath the Chrysler is the Mercedes W210 E-Class plat­form (1995-2002), given to Chrysler by Daim­ler-Benz dur­ing the 1998-2007 ‘mar­riage’ and which pro­vides the Chrysler with the “sur­pris­ingly di­rect and trust­wor­thy” and “bal­letic” han­dling you en­joyed. Ac­tu­ally, an in­ter­est­ing road-test com­par­i­son would be the 2019 Chrysler 300 and the 1999 Mercedes E55.

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