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I READ TRENT GIUNCO’S story in your Year­book is­sue about get­ting 701.9km from 51 litres of 98RON in his long-term Mazda 3. I re­cently pur­chased a new Ford Fo­cus Ac­tive with full fruit and drove it to Coffs Har­bour from my home in Spence, ACT, a dis­tance of al­most ex­actly 800km, and filled my tank on ar­rival with 49 litres of 98RON. The fuel econ­omy on this trip im­pressed me, along with the power of the char­ac­ter­ful 1.5-litre turbo triple which out-ac­cel­er­ates my Fal­con XR50 4.0-litre six. I do not un­der­stand why Ford is not sell­ing more of th­ese cars, with the han­dling, tech­nol­ogy, and the safety sys­tems which have saved me a few times. Ray Campbell, Spence, ACT

Ford’ll be as im­pressed as you are, Ray. At 800 kays your Ac­tive would have drunk 6.1L/100km, less than the car’s of­fi­cial fuel fig­ure of 6.4L – Ed

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