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FPV had a secret plan, too



JOHN CRENNAN’S CROSS-TOWN compatriot at Ford Performanc­e Vehicles, David Flint, also now reveals he had unfinished business in his top drawer around the time of his retirement from the top job in 2006.

“I wanted a third limb on our business,” Flint now admits. “I wanted to create Ford Performanc­e Parts – a catalogue that allowed owners to customise their vehicle beyond our boundaries. And that never eventuated because I couldn’t get agreement from my partner at Ford. That would have taken us closer to where John and HSV were.”

What about a GTHO?

“GTHO didn’t come very close at all,” Flint now concedes. “When it came time to do the analysis of the chassis, we weren’t confident we could put that much power through it without significan­t cost. We didn’t think it was a safe vehicle.”

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