Wheels (Australia)


- Dennis Johnstone, Shell Cove, NSW

LIKE RAY ATKIN (Inbox, February 2021 issue), I too have been guided in my car purchasing by Wheels, but through the road tests, not direct contact. I’m seriously looking at replacing my FG G6E Turbo 50 Anniversar­y with a Mazda CX-30. The Falcon really has been a great car. Now, I’ve been a critic of SUVs since they first appeared – especially the poor handling, etc, of the early iterations. However, with the developmen­t of most and my need for a vehicle to cope with varied roads, I’ve been converted.

What a switch that is, Dennis! Good on you, mate. Yep, there aren’t many seriously ‘poor-handling’ SUVs these days. For the most part they handle as well as any car, just a bit higher, softer and heavier.

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