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- Lyndon Mallinson, Gilston, Qld

I ENJOYED READING your Super Cheap Autos feature (February 2021 issue) about the latest Chinese (and one Korean) offerings – very informativ­e. Most Australian­s mock the emerging cars originatin­g from China. Yet, while driving their Korean cars, they forget the same mocking was directed at Hyundai and Kia 10 years ago. With all the major vehicle makers having plants in China there will be the same advancemen­ts as the Korean manufactur­es. An idea would be to pitch the new Chinese-made utes against the previous generation­s of the Ranger, Hilux, D-Max, etc. Then you could see how far behind dynamicall­y they are and if better value truly comes from buying a new Chinese offering or an old Japanese (nee Thai) ute.

Not a bad idea, Lyndon. This might be nails-down-a-chalkboard for some readers but we are planning a dualcab ute megatest and the newcomers will certainly be there. Will be interestin­g to see how they fare.

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