Wheels (Australia)


- Mike Riordan, Campsie, NSW

CURRENT PROPOSALS FOR government­s to pay incentives to trade in your old vehicle on a new one has several downsides. Don’t they realise it costs more in energy, resources and pollution to create a new ‘green’ car than the smoke or higher fuel usage of a vehicle junked before its time? Let’s say we have a surge on new vehicle purchases. As we don’t manufactur­e there would be minimal stimulus on employment and most of the profits would flow overseas. The only upside is safer cars... not a bad objective, but in this case it’s the only one likely to cost more than additional driver training.

Fleet renewal schemes can positively impact employees within dealer networks, Mike, and reduced tailpipe emissions do have a real community health benefit (especially of the noxious variety). This proposal is largely coming about to reverse the country’s Covid-19 sales slump.

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