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Ferlazzo on design


“Designers will always tell you that it all starts with good proportion, and to create stylish proportion­s usually means there has to be a compromise somewhere. Mazda is clearly aiming the CX-30 at buyers looking for more style, and prepared to make small compromise­s for the privilege. In this case, the compromise is in the rear, with less room in the back seat and cargo space than a boxier competitor. But it’s the rear styling of this car that really makes it look great and Mazda hasn’t let the pendulum swing too far to make it impractica­l. The black wheelarch mouldings are a touch too tall for my liking, but overall, I think they’ve got the balance just right. The interior, too, is a triumph; rich and classy without obvious penny-pinching. I’d be proud to be able to say I designed this car.”

“Forgot I was in an SUV. This thing just tries so hard to please” TIM ROBSON

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