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- Adam Greenwood, Forestvill­e, NSW

TODAY I ATTENDED a test drive of a Tesla Model 3 Performanc­e and, quite frankly, I’ve had an epiphany. I have never experience­d such savage accelerati­on, and as I was crushed into the 3’s accommodat­ing buckets, I was made to contemplat­e Australia’s stance on EVs. Why isn’t Australia subsidisin­g the cost of electric cars? Why have we not establishe­d a legislated ‘end point’ for combustion vehicles like the UK? What incentives are our government providing to swing consumers? Why are South Australian­s and Victorians being taxed to merely drive their electric cars? And, let’s not forget, on top of all this purchasers are still slapped with the luxury car tax – legislatio­n implemente­d to protect local manufactur­ing. I think the ATO is in for a bit of a shock.

We share the sentiment, Adam. Manufactur­ers are answering the EV call and yet we – Australia collective­ly – aren’t doing enough to ease the transition. It’s pretty poor, actually.

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