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The hottest EV yet?


PORSCHE’S DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS Taycan Cross Turismo is a 460kW all-wheel drive electric rally wagon headed to a dirt road near you soon. Stuttgart will offer Australia two all-wheel drive powertrain options of its allelectri­c, jacked-up wagon, a 360kW 4S and the aforementi­oned Turbo with 0-100km/h potential of 3.3sec (on bitumen, of course). Adjustable ride height with a Gravel mode will also make the features list when this plug-in bruiser hits

our shores, Porsche stinging you $201,000 for the 4S and $271,200 for the Turbo. Porsche at least throws in the Performanc­e Plus battery as standard, a $11,590 option on the four-door Taycan. Range is a claimed 388-452km for both. Available in Oz from the third quarter.

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