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Polly Ngale at Kate Owen Gallery


One of the most accomplish­ed painters from the Utopia region, an area covering approximat­ely 5,000 square kilometres north east of Alice Springs, Polly Ngale is known for bright works that use a complex, concentrat­ed and fine dotting technique. Much of the artist’s subject matter draws on acute observatio­n, memory, intimate knowledge of Country and ancestral journey. Of particular importance to her body of work is the Arnwetky (bush plum), an important food source for the Anmatyerre people and the title of this exhibition. “Arnwetky” at Kate Owen Gallery will demonstrat­e the breadth, depth and intricacy of Ngale’s mastery of subject and technique through a series of paintings that explores this central theme. June 8–30. 680 Darling Street, Rozelle. 9555 5283. kateowenga­llery.com

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