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6 What large grey cloud holds rain? (6)

7 Which French city lies op­po­site Dover? (6) 10 In an­cient times, what gem­stone was thought to cure dis­eases of the eye? (7)

11 Who is Dis­ney’s fly­ing ele­phant? (5)

12 What is the up­per an­gle be­tween a branch or leaf­stalk and the stem from which it grows? (4) 13 Swe­den has a large num­ber of users of what form of to­bacco? (5)

16 What very light pas­try made with eggs is used for eclairs? (5)

17 What might a small stream be called in Scot­land? (4)

20 What word can pre­cede ele­phant, Christ­mas and pine? (5)

21 In which coun­try was ac­tor Bruce Wil­lis born? (7) 22 What feath­ery aro­matic plant used in herbal medicines is also known as mil­foil? (6)

23 What al­loy of tin and lead was pop­u­lar for cen­turies for mugs, plates and uten­sils? (6)


1 Who was be­queathed Wil­liam Shake­speare’s sec­ond-best bed? (4,8)

2 What is an ab­nor­mal loss of mem­ory? (7) 3 What does as­par­tame re­place in some pro­cessed foods? (5)

4 Which self-ap­pointed colonel be­gan his long stint as Libya’s head of state in 1970? (7)

5 What is the third letter of the Greek al­pha­bet? (5) 8 The name of which po­lice head­quar­ters dates back to a place where medieval kings stayed? (8,4) 9 In which city was Sir Arthur Co­nan Doyle born? (9)

14 What light four-wheeled horse-drawn car­riage usu­ally has a fold­ing top? (7)

15 Which gen­eral be­gan his long reign of In­done­sia in 1967? (7)

18 What is an­other name for the gun­pow­der in­gre­di­ent salt­pe­tre? (5)

19 Where in France was van Gogh liv­ing when he painted the ¿rst of his sun­flower paint­ings? (5)


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