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SO I have been wait­ing for some­one to do this and in the

Times let­ters last week there it was.

I feel the need to com­ment as I be­lieve there are many more peo­ple do­ing the same.

Aaron The­moor of Can­non­vale has run out of sin­gle use plas­tic bags for his bin and is say­ing he now buys ones that are less biodegrad­able.

Okay, so peo­ple still don’t get why the bags should never be used, they kill liv­ing things, sim­ple.

It’s not hard to have a kitchen bin with no liner and wash it out each day when emp­tied into the wheelie bin. Un­der the hose for one sec­ond and it’s done.

Take a lit­tle time to do some sim­ple prac­tices like don’t put wet items in this bin, put wet items out­side in the gar­den, com­post or chook house. (Peo­ple in units say this is too hard, but there is a way to do it in units as well).

Put all pa­pers, card­board, etc in a sep­a­rate small bin to go out­side into the yel­low bin. Start sav­ing your bot­tles now for the re­fund sys­tem and they will be re­cy­cled as well.

Some of the com­mon things peo­ple say are” “I’m good, I don’t put my plas­tic in the sea or any­where near the wa­ter.”

Well “news break”, plas­tic from the dump very of­ten ends up in the sea via the wind, cane­fields whose wa­ter runs into a creek and then into the sea.

Peo­ple who throw things out of the car or just drop them where they walk, the wind takes them to the creek and then into the sea.

Please, peo­ple, look at pro­grams like the War on Waste and you will find the rea­son for the bag ban.

We can do a lot for our en­vi­ron­ment and our kids by us­ing less plas­tic. We haven’t al­ways had it and so can live with­out it now.

Pledge to take away one plas­tic item you are us­ing each month.

Barb Adam­son, Boomerang Bags Whit­sun­day co-or­di­na­tor


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