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7 Which Ger­man field mar­shal was nick­named the Desert Fox? (6)

8 What ex­pres­sion from French means “hav­ing a good or de­tailed knowl­edge of”? (2,4)

10 What is the cap­i­tal of Nova Sco­tia? (7)

11 What bor­ing tool re­sem­bles a large corkscrew? (5)

12 What pa­per quan­tity con­sists of 500 sheets? (4)

13 The is­lands of Gozo and Comino are part of which Mediter­ranean coun­try? (5)

17 What am­ber sub­stance is used to treat the bows of stringed in­stru­ments? (5)

18 Which moun­tains are taken as the line sep­a­rat­ing Europe and Asia? (4)

22/23 Start­ing with Death on the Nile, who played Her­cule Poirot in six films? (5,7)

24 What is the base of the liqueur Grand Marnier? (6)

25 What make of car did In­spec­tor Morse drive? (6)


1 A tox­ophilite is a lover of what? (7)

2 What al­loy con­tain­ing mer­cury is used in den­tistry? (7)

3 Which city in South Hol­land is fa­mous for its blue pot­tery? (5)

4 The Type 41 Royale by which maker is con­sid­ered the world’s most ex­pen­sive car? (7)

5 What word on mu­sic in­structs “slow and dig­ni­fied”? (5)

6 The EU flag has 12 what? (5)

9 What was the name of King Arthur’s magic sword? (9)

12 Which ma­jor con­flict took place in Africa from 1899 to 1902? (4,3)

15 Which me­tal dis­cov­ered in 1789 was named af­ter a planet? (7)

16 In 1792 Den­mark be­came the first Euro­pean coun­try to abol­ish what? (7)

19 Who sac­ri­ficed him­self to save the En­ter­prise in Star Wars – The Wrath of Khan? (5)

20 What is the plat­form on a mi­cro­scope on which the spec­i­men is mounted? (5)

21 What is a col­lec­tion of maps in book form? (5)

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