Whitsunday Times : 2018-12-13

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12 NEWS whitsundaytimes.com.au Thursday, December 13, 2018 BB Civil Earthworks Pty Ltd Domestic and Commercial Excavation House pads – Service Trenching – Rockwall Construction Tipper Services – Auger Excavation & pier Holes Drainage – Driveways ABN 17 629 582 985 [email protected] • www.bbcivilearthworks.com.au 0473 372 375 6912514aa MERRY CHRISTMAS! Tummies rumble to raise money Please be advised our office will be closed from Thursday 20 December 2018 and reopens Monday 14 January 2019. All the best to everyone and safe travels over the festive season! electricity so they could fully experience what it was like to study in schools such as Sunrise. Their class raised $203 for the Ugandan school with some students electing to fast until they got home. Sam Dodgson was one of the children who made the choice to wait until the end of the school day to eat. “I wanted to feel how (the students in Uganda) feel every day,” he said. Cannonvale State School raised $1500 for Sunrise Primary School, Uganda. This year the students were contemplating life at Sunrise Primary School, Uganda, where 71 of the 220 students are orphans and all come from poverty-stricken families. “The focus is on showing our students how to be a global citizen,” she said. “It allows the children time to think and have a look into what the lives of children are like in other parts of the world.” . Students in one Year 4 class spent the day working without tables, chairs or STUDENTS at Cannonvale State School learned an important lesson last week when they took on a tummy rumbler, the children’s version of the 40-hour famine. Prep and Year 1 students skipped their fruit break while children in Years 2–6 gave up their lunch to experience what children are going through in other parts of the world. Head of curriculum Denise Veenstra said the focus was on a different place each year. HELVIG DENTAL SURGERY 4945 1361 “ALL”YOUR SMILE NEEDS Proudly servicing the region for over 35 years 6795351bg Whitsunday Regional Council - Public Notices & Tenders 1 a rr Merry Christmas from Whitsunday Regional Council B B 1 a a o r r a a Pet Registration Wheelie Bin & Waste Collection ar or 1 1a 1 ra r ra ar a a yesult in fines, but mvst impvytuntl0 it helps us yeunite 0vu with 0vuy pet shvuld the0 gv missing. Tv find vut a r a o a 1 a o a a r 1 Pleuse ensuye thut 0vuy wheelie bin is vnl0 filled tv the 1 a r Oveyfilling 0vuy wheelie bin mu0 yesult in it nvt being r a 1 r Vy r a a o r r a r Cvuncil vffices und libyuyies will be clvsed fyvm 5pm rV rV a r Vy a r a fvy emeygencies b0 culling w300 972 753. a 1 1 ra 1 a 1 r Cýźŷž0¥ẅž Cÿzžζźx ẅ0 Lẅỳẁfiÿÿž ẅỳẁ ŵźẅỳžξxź ẃ0ẅ0ŷzỳž a Register online for Your Say Whitsunday! ar a 1a o a a ar r a r 1 a a r Library Survey - Have Your Say! 1 a Cvllinsville Tyunsfey Stutivn und Avwen Lundfill vvey the 1 o a 1 a a a o o a a o 1 a o a o Cannonvale Transfer Station Kelsey Creek Lẅỳẁfiÿÿ 1 a 1 o o r a aor The suyve0 will be vpen until 5pm, Mvndu0 w7 Vy 11 ro o Date a a a a q 2isit 0vuysu0.whitsundu0yc.xld.gvv.uu tv find vut mvye! 1 a a rB r a a ao r a a a r V V V r o a Tues, 25 3ecembey r r a r1 a r o a Disposal of electronic waste items V V V q r ra o a r a1 Mayor’s Christmas Tree Gift Appeal a 1 1 a V 1 a V a ar a1 a 1 1 Kelse0 Cyeek- und Avwen (AOH-w’n) Lundfills und the o o V r 1 r a Dy r B ra r D a o a o r a a Vy V V a r o a V Vy a a Contact Us: Customer Service Centres: B W Omundson - Chief Executive Officer Phvne: w300 WRC QL3 (w300 972 753) 1 a r o a 111 1 a r o a r a r1 r 1 o r Pyvseypine: 52 Muin Styeet o VD a 1r r z a r a o a

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