Whitsunday Times : 2018-12-13

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NEWS CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT 6 whitsundaytimes.com.au Thursday, December 13, 2018 snaps for sale Whether we’ve caught your good side, or just caught your eye, you can purchase photo prints which have appeared in the newspaper and on our website. Buy online at www.whitsundaytimes.com.au/photos/buy/, www.whitsundaycoastguardian.com.au/photos/buy/ 1 www.whitsundaytimes.com.au www.whitsundaycoastguardian.com.au Whitsunday Coast Print | Online | MOBile | SOcial Guardian First with the news in the Whitsundays WOuld yOu lIkE TO AdvERTISE yOuR buSINESS hERE? Weather Forecast THUrs Fri December 13th December 14th • Scattered Thunderstorms • 55% chance of rain • NE 13km/h • Gusts: 18km/h • Max UV Index: 9 (Very High) • Thunderstorm • 56% chance of rain • NNW 17km/h • Gusts: 24km/h • Max UV Index: 5 (Moderate) High High sUNrIse sUNset sUNrIse sUNset 30°C 29°C Low Low 24°C 23°C 5.19Am 6.40pm 5.19Am 6.39pm Sat SUn December 15th December 16th • Thunderstorm • 30% chance of rain • N 9km/h • Gusts: 15km/h • Max UV Index: 3 (Moderate) • Scattered Thunderstorms • 60% chance of rain • N 32km/h • Gusts: 48km/h • Max UV Index: 13 (Extreme) High High sUNrIse sUNset sUNrIse sUNset 32°C 28°C Low Low 24°C 24°C 5.20Am 6.41pm 5.20Am 6.41pm FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact YoUr LocaL SaLes ConsULtant: 4940 2100

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