‘WE’RE LIKE HUS­BAND AND WIFE’ Kylie Gil­lies and Larry Em­dur toast a decade of laugh­ter on The Morn­ing Show.

Kylie Gil­lies and Larry Em­dur toast a decade of laugh­ter, tears and ca­ma­raderie on live tele­vi­sion

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Kylie Gil­lies and Larry Em­dur are proud of their longevity. “As a 10-year part­ner­ship we have out­lasted many mar­riages,” says Gil­lies, 50, who co-hosts Seven’s The Morn­ing Show with Em­dur, 52. The pair, who mark a decade on air on June 18, looked back on their friend­ship and the highs and lows of live breakfast TV with WHO’S Ka­rina Machado. Oc­ca­sion­ally, “things go wrong,” con­cedes Em­dur. “But we’ve both been do­ing this long enough to know that’s Ok—it’s prob­a­bly fan­tas­tic tele­vi­sion.”

What do you re­mem­ber most about your first day on air? Kylie: Oh, God! [ Laughs] I was wear­ing this re­ally high-necked frilled blouse and I look back now go­ing, “What was she think­ing?” Larry: I thought, “Ninety-year-old nun meets li­brar­ian.” Kylie, your first im­pres­sion of Larry?

Kylie: How did I end up here with this hunk of a spunk? [ Bursts out laugh­ing] How has your re­la­tion­ship changed over time?

Kylie: It changes on the hour, depend­ing, you know, on whether Larry’s had his cup of tea ...

Larry: Or if Kylie’s picked the meds up. No, it’s what we like to call a very flex­i­ble re­la­tion­ship and that’s the beauty and the strength of the re­la­tion­ship, that is has no bound­aries, it has no bottom or top. We’re there for each other. Kylie: It’s a gen­uine and true friend­ship with every­thing that en­tails—the love and the rib­bing and the care. I think we are each other’s great­est care­tak­ers for those two-and-a-half hours on TV. He’s got my back and I’ve got his back. What about an­noy­ing habits?

Kylie: I think what you hate about me, Larry, is my at­ten­tion to de­tail and strong work ethic.

Larry: Kylie’s got an ele­phant-like mem­ory, and that re­ally an­noys me. I just wish she had a bad mem­ory like me. You sound like a mar­ried cou­ple! Kylie: It’s like a hus­band-and-wife re­la­tion­ship with­out the good bits! Larry: With a con­trac­tual oblig­a­tory di­vorce at 11:29 AM ev­ery day. Mov­ing on—favourite stars you’ve met?

Kylie: Su­san Saran­don was just an awe­some chick. Joan Rivers was a per­sonal favourite ... Matt Da­mon! He even spoke to my girl­friend on the phone. Larry: Robin Wil­liams. That was so in­cred­i­ble, to get to spend six-and-a-half-min­utes with him. Did any celebrity dis­ap­point? Kylie: I may have met Hugh Grant when he was hav­ing a bad day. Larry: Mark Wahlberg had just ar­rived that morn­ing and he was do­ing press all day. Dur­ing the in­ter­view, you could tell he wasn’t even partly en­gaged. You were on air as the Lindt siege un­folded. What has stayed with you about that sad day?

Larry: We’re liv­ing in a new world and we saw Aus­tralia chang­ing that day. We look out that win­dow ev­ery day into the win­dows of the Lindt café. It was hor­ri­fy­ing.

Kylie: It was very scary but when you’re in a live-tv sit­u­a­tion, you have to keep go­ing. At the

end of the day, it wasn’t about us, and isn’t. It’s about those poor peo­ple in the café. What feed­back do you re­ceive from view­ers?

Kylie: Two weeks ago, a woman came up to me at the su­per­mar­ket and said, “Thank you for every­thing you do ev­ery morn­ing.” It gave me pause to re­flect and think, “We re­ally are part of peo­ple’s lives ev­ery morn­ing.” It meant a lot. Larry: There’s a great rule in tele­vi­sion: be a com­pan­ion. It’s a show that’s part of peo­ple’s house­holds. Your most un­for­get­table mo­ment?

Larry: The two-minute count­down be­fore the first episode. I’ll re­mem­ber that as the scari­est and hap­pi­est mo­ment of the past 10 years.

Kylie: I’m go­ing to go the other end of that. I thank my lucky stars ev­ery time I come off air and think, “That’s an­other one done—how lucky are we to still be do­ing this af­ter 10 years and still be hav­ing fun?”

“What we bring to the telly be­tween 9 and 11.30 ev­ery morn­ing is ac­tu­ally what our re­la­tion­ship is like,” says Em­dur (with Gil­lies). “Ex­cited, emo­tional and ner­vous,” Em­dur (with Gil­lies) says of how he felt on June 18, 2007, the show’s de­but.

“No­body knew what was go­ing on,” re­calls Em­dur, of be­ing live on air dur­ing the Syd­ney Lindt café siege on Dec. 15, 2014. “If we’re hav­ing fun, hope­fully the au­di­ence is as well,” says Gil­lies, who is of­ten play­ing dress-ups or film­ing par­o­dies with...

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