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She’s a Van­der­pump Rules OG and the 35-year-old de­signer opens up to WHO about what’s to come on the sev­enth sea­son of the con­tro­ver­sial re­al­ity show (streams Tues­days, same day as the US, on Foxtel and Hayu).

What can we ex­pect from Sea­son 7? Carter and I have a lit­tle bit of a bumpy sum­mer. No cheat­ing or any­thing like that, but we’ve been to­gether for three-and-a-half years and def­i­nitely had is­sues I was al­most choos­ing to not con­front.

What kind of is­sues?

Like we’d have a fight at night and just ig­nore it the next morn­ing, and it just be­came a pat­tern. All my won­der­ful girl­friends were like, “Look, you can’t hide this from the show. Be­cause if you’re hid­ing it from the show, you’re re­ally hid­ing it from your life.” I’m not su­per-ex­cited to watch that stuff, but I think it’s bet­ter for us in the long run.

So you do watch the show ev­ery week?

Oh, ab­so­lutely. We get the episode a few days ahead of time and I don’t be­lieve one sin­gle cast mem­ber that says, “Oh, I don’t even watch the show.”

Let’s talk about James Kennedy

The only non-adult on Van­der­pump Rules. He’s just get­ting worse and worse.

What’s go­ing on?

He’s garbage. This was a re­ally bad sum­mer for him. I wish he’d just go away. I do like that he’s show­ing his true colours – his ego is so big. You’ll see this sea­son it’s no longer just me, Kris­ten, his ex-girl­friend hat­ing on him. It’s him screw­ing peo­ple over, one by one, and I’m go­ing, “See!” That kid is yuck.

Tom­tom is open now. Are you al­lowed to go there?

Yes! Lisa [ Van­der­pump] tried to keep me from there once this sum­mer then after that, it’s like, “No, I know the own­ers! They’re my clos­est friends.”

Where are you at with Lisa?

We’re al­ways go­ing to be where we are. I don’t bite the hand that feeds me any­more, but I also just won’t kiss the ring.

“Jax says he doesn’t watch the show. I don’t be­lieve that for a sec­ond,” Doute spills of con­tro­ver­sial cast­mate Jax Tay­lor.

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