1 When one Brad is not enough ...

We’re fairly certain that there were quite a few pairs of eyes on the grandstand rather than the players when Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper attended the US Open tennis championsh­ip on September 12. Turns out the pair have been secret celeb besties for years!

2 Pip and Michael’s reunion

They’re on and o on the reg, but it appears that Pip Edwards and Michael Clarke might just be dating again! The pair were spotted leaving the former cricketer’s Rose Bay home for a day out on Sydney Harbour on his boat on September 12.

3 Dylan’s big win!

Wheelchair tennis star Dylan Alcott has made history by being the rst man to achieve the “Golden Slam” sweep after winning the US Open. His victories this year also include the Australian, French and Wimbledon championsh­ips as well as Paralympic gold in Tokyo.

4 Steve’s surprise fave podcast

Steve Martin is “obsessed’” with true crime podcasts and his favourite is an Aussie one! “It’s called Case le and I love it,” the actor said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The star even admitted he’s binged over 150 episodes of the series.

5 Shailene’s keeping mum on snap

Shailene Woodley fans are confused. The Big Little Lies star shared a cute snap of baby’s feet to her Instagram Stories with no explanatio­n. “Is she pregnant? Had a baby? What does this mean?” asked one online. Spill!

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