‘She’s just like me!’

When it was announced that Jessica Marais wouldn’t be reprising her role as Dave and Julie Rafter’s eldest daughter Rachel, Australian actress Georgina Haig landed the part. It was an opportunit­y the star says left her feeling “a little nervous”.

Haig 36, is best known for her roles in US series Once Upon a Time, where she played Queen Elsa, and Secret Bridesmaid­s’ Business. But as the actress recently told TV WEEK magazine, once she read the Back to the Rafters script, she knew she’d be fine. “She’s living overseas and a lot of the dramas that unfold I can relate to myself,” she added. Haig had spent the past few years living in Los Angeles with her husband, TV writer Josh Mapleston, and 4-year-old daughter Greta. “I felt such comfort in that because I thought, ‘I get this girl, she’s just like me,’” Haig adds. “It was an amazing character to get to play.”

To prepare in taking over the part, Haig leant on her fellow castmates. “I emailed everyone and asked them to share some favourite memories that their characters had with Rachel to help me create a backstory for myself,” she says.

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